Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders are nocturnal marsupials originating in Australia and Indonesia, basically meaning that they carry their babies in a pouch similarly to Kangaroos and they normally are active at night.     They have very big eyes for seeing at night.    They are able to glide or fly from high places because they have webbing between their front legs and back legs like little flying squirrels.  They're not rodents, but they are the size of small ground squirrels or mice.   They eat fresh fruit and vegetables. We supplement the fresh foods with a special mixture called BML (Basic Modified Leadbeaters) which is a recipe taken from the Torango Zoo in Australia.     These little guys are extremely social animals and strongly bond with their owners.   They're the sweetest little animals we've ever met.    

"Poo" "Loo"

When you first get a baby Sugar Glider, you must bond with it by carrying it around with you in a special pouch.  You play with it and pet it regularly until it believes you are it's friend.   After that, the little guy will be totally dedicated to you.    We've even taken ours shopping with us while they were hidden in our shirt! 


Visitors are welcome anytime!

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