Rusty The Camel

Rusty is a dromedary camel born on February 18, 2003.   We got him 2 weeks after he was born and bottle fed him for 5 months.     We started out feeding him every 2 hours ( was just like having a baby around!)   Gradually we were able to wean him off the bottle and transfer him to solid food.    He eats the same grain mixture and hay the horses eat.     He requires very little vet work and no farrier.    It has been an interesting adventure having Rusty live with us.    We learn more and more as he grows!!

Rusty 2 weeks old
Rusty 1 month old
Rusty visits the Iowa Falls kindergarten class at age - 3 months
Rusty at 4 months old
Rusty at 6 months old
Rusty 1 year old
Rusty 2 years Old
{January 2005**Rusty wins "MOST UNUSUAL PET" Contest at Hampton Tribune!!}
Danielle and Rusty getting acquainted
Rusty at 4 years old

This year (2007) John and Lauren both sat on Rusty!!   It was the first time anyone ever sat on him.   He didn't do anything but stand there --- maybe next year they'll walk around on him!!

UPDATE -- (2008) John actually jumped on Rusty's back and Rusty carried him around the pasture while John hung off his hump.  Rusty seemed to really enjoy carrying John around.  He kept coming over to the ledge and putting his butt up to the rail as if to ask John to "Come on!! ... JUMP ON AGAIN!!"   He would back up and stand there and look at him until he would jump on him.   :o)


UPDATE ON RUSTY THE CAMEL ..... We are so sad to report that Rusty the Camel passed away on May 1st, 2009.   He was 6 years old.   It was a very sad day for us all as he was loved so very, very much.    His passing has been very difficult for Kelly as she was so very attached to Rusty.   We feel incredibly lucky to have gotten to spend the time we did with him.   Our only regret is that we didn't take more pictures of this magnificent animal when we had the chance.   We're not sure what happened to Rusty or what caused his death.     He got very sick a few weeks before he passed away and looked as if he was colicking, like a horse.   We realize that camels don't 'colic' like horses do so it wasn't  that, but the camel vets that we contacted believed that he did possibly "gas up" which is common to a ruminant animal.    We treated him for that and were able to pull Rusty through that episode and believed that he would be ok.   He acted normally and appeared to be ok after that -- but a few weeks later, he was found dead in the lean to in the back pasture.   We believe now that he may have been sicker than we originally believed and possibly that first episode may have been more than just a case of gassing up.    We opted to NOT post him to find out why he passed.   We have also opted to NOT replace Rusty as we could never find another camel with his personality and super disposition.   There could never be a replacement for Rusty.   He will live forever in our hearts ....

REST IN PEACE - Rusty The Camel

2003 - 2009

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