We host a Haunted Barn every October -- click on for more information.     We plan on featuring Abe as our mascot 'Halloween Horse'.    What better to represent our haunted farm than a big, black, giant pulling a hearse?    You couldn't find a better match!

Abe is broke to ride and drive.    Future plans include buying a horse drawn hearse for Abe to pull in parades while all the haunted barn actors ride behind.     We may even have a couple outriders with us masquerading as the headless horseman or grim reaper.     Can't you just imagine a nice leather harness with a shiny collar with skulls on the hanes?!?     Watch for more pictures next year!   

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Abe in barn with Russ Abe with Kelly Riding Abe getting his feet trimmed Abe with Krystle riding and Crystal F leading
Abe and Krystle Abe and Krystle Abe and Crystal and Happy Another picture of Abe getting his feet done

Visitors are welcome anytime!

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Dragonfire Dancing Horses
Kelly Reynolds
1262 170th Street
Hampton, IA  50441


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