Jack Russells

Hey Everyone ..... just a quick note to everyone clicking in wanting to purchase a black and tan puppy.   Since I was unable to part with Boo Boo, Baby Girl, Wenzday, and Stripey Girl from our last litter, Russ said I can't have anymore puppies if I refuse to sell them.   We are now up to 11 dogs in the house and if I continue to keep getting attached to all the puppies we have here he says we will eventually end up on one of those Animal Planet shows as dog hoarders where they come in and find hundreds of dogs or cats living in your house..... and they'll have to bring in psychologists to figure out what is wrong with us for having so many freaking dogs.    SO -- Kiki has been spade and Jack Jack has been neutered.    No more puppy litters for us.    I have been getting in 2-3 emails a week since I stopped breeding from people looking for puppies.   I just got an email yesterday asking me if I would sell Boo Boo for $1,500.  Nope. None of these guys are for sale for any price.  Don't even try.   
(If you still want a puppy .... email me and I'll send you a list of other breeders that I know of.  :o)
WOW that's a lotta dogs !!
From left:   Happy, Kiki (looking out window), Boo Boo (white chest), Baby Girl (behind Boo), Maggie, Jack, Cally (back), Stripey Girl (front center), and Wenzday (to right of picture ....thinking about what she can destroy next)
(*Not pictured:  Buddy, Corky, Apollo, Buffy)
Dad bought all the puppies new Halloween outfits!!
Here is little Baby Girl in her skull sweater and Boo Boo in her "BOO" shirt
Boo lays on the floor ...Wednesday, Stripey, and Baby Girl with Happy, Jack, Kiki, Buddy, and Happy ....Little Boo lays next to Happy
Stripey has the PERFECT outfit -- Little Monster! ... Baby sticks her tongue out at Happy and Jack ... Stripey and Baby play on the floor
Stripey is ready to eat at the table! ... Wenzday looks pretty in her new shirt ....Boo and Wenzday are so tired!
Little Stripey Girl falls asleep on the back of the couch
Kelly sits with 9 dogs -- Maggie is the only little dog missing in this picture :o)
New sectional so all the dogs can sit together with Kelly and Russ and not be squished

Male #1


White "Y" on chest


Rick Nowland - Missouri

Male #2

"Leonidus" aka "Leo"

No White


Diane Fishpaw - Pennsylvania

Female #1


Lots of white - very small


Staying with KnR Arabians

Female #2

"Wenzday II"

White horseshoe - Light Tan Coloring


Staying with KnR Arabians

Female #3


White strip - Deep mahogany brown


Staying with KnR Arabians

Female #4

"Baby Girl"

No White


Staying with KnR Arabians

WHAT THE F__ ?!!??!    BABY GIRL!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!
Puppies outside in their little run on the porch...
Puppies go out the patio door into their little outdoor pen ... from left: Stripey, Wenzday, Boo, and Baby Girl
Playing outside with their toys!
Baby Girl
Boo Boo
Photos taken April 15, 2008
Brutus goes to his new home with Rick on April 15th!    We know you'll love your new family and your new buddy, Spartacus. We love you and we'll miss you, Brutus!!
Photos taken April 5, 2008
Little Leo leaves with Josh and Diane to go to Pennsylvania to his new home.    We'll miss you Leo!!   We love you, too!!!
Diane and Josh fly in from Pennsylvania to pick up Leo.   Here is Diane with all the puppies -- They LOVE Diane!!  :o)
Photos taken March 28, 2008
All dogs laying in the sun ... we're missing Maggie and Kiki who are laying outside of the picture -- 12 little dogs in the house right now .... WOW ....we should own stock in a candle company right now!
Photos taken March 26, 2008

Buddy laying with Wenzday

Cally lays withall the puppies under the computer .... and people wonder why my leg falls asleep when I work on the computer .... cuz I have to straddle this directly under my feet all day!!

This is what we woke up to this morning!!  There was NO SNOW anywhere yesterday!!! ...and it's STILL snowing right now!!
Photos taken March 23, 2008 - Puppies are six weeks old today!
The puppies are turning into a band of renegades.    They are ALL OVER the house spreading havoc and destruction wherever they go!!   Yesterday they got into the toilet paper in the bathroom ... they are chewing up the carpet in the doorways .... they drag the rugs all over the house ... and the continuously LICK my brand new stainless steel stove -- as soon as I clean off their little tongue marks, they all line up to lick it again!!  AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!
The puppies are almost too big to fit inside their little basket now!!
Russ tries to fix the carpet trim strip in the doorway but the puppies won't leave him alone --- he's ready to SCREAM!!!!!!
The puppies got some new toys last night!!   Two lions, a bear,  a hedgehog, and some balls.   YIPPEE!!!!
Wenzday tries to get the bear from Happy ..... Baby Girl .... I've got the lion!!!
Maggie plays with Wenzday and the hedgehog.
Three puppies attack one of the lions!! ..........  Wenzday is ready to play!
Cally and Stripey Girl taking a nap together
Kiki tries to get the lion from Wenzday and Boo
Photos taken March 13, 2008
Three puppies sound asleep on Kelly Couldn't find two puppies and later found they had crawled inside the big dog's food bowl and were eating away ...it was Leo and Male #1 !
Photos taken March 5, 2008
Six puppies in a basket!!
Leo chilling out with his brothers and sisters (on his back!) ....... Leo and Boo ESCAPE!!
Hey Everybody .... Wait for me!!
Puppies on Front room floor  ...... Boo sticks her tongue out at the camera!
Pics below taken March 2, 2008

Stripey Girl (Female #3), Boo (Female #1), Baby Girl (Female #4), Wenzday (Female #2)

Male #1 and Male #2

Male #2 and Male #1

Stripey Girl, Boo Boo, Baby Girl, Wenzday


Female #3, Female #1, Female #4, Female #2

Puppies Eating -- March 1, 2008
 KIKI JUST HAD HER PUPPIES!!!!    Born February 9, 2008!
3 males and 4 females = SEVEN TOTAL!!!  WOW!!!
Well ..... I haven't gotten any sleep the past two nights.  I've been up laying with Kiki.   She started nesting the night before last and then started contractions ...... nothing happened .... then all day Friday she laid by herself in the back washroom in a pile of clothes.  She came out a couple times to pee and to see Grandma and Grandpa briefly.  She stayed there all day and all night.  I thought her contractions had stopped so I just left her alone so she could sleep.  I took her back into her room Friday night around 9:00pm .... she was in labor again .... yowling .... and pushing ...really hard.    Still nothing coming out.   I told Russ Saturday morning that something was wrong ...... the last three times she had puppies, she didn't have to try this hard.  So at 7:30am we called Rich (our vet).     He was there all by himself but told us to pack her up and come in.    

He looked at her and said the first puppy was turned around and was coming out backwards ...... that's probably why she couldn't push him out.  He tried and tried to grab him and pull him out so she could have the rest but he couldn't grab hold of him.   By 9:30 he decided that Kiki probably wasn't going to be able to have the puppies herself.     SO ...... since Rich was all alone Russ and I needed to be his nurses ...... he was going to do a c-section to get them all out.     WHAT A MORNING THAT WAS!!!  

 Rich told us that he would bring us the puppies one at a time and we were to give them a couple drops of the 'revive' stuff and then start stimulating them to make them breathe ..... no problem!   Piece of cake!!   Right? .... WRONG!!!        Rich went into the back room and cut Kiki open.  He came out with the first little puppy still in the sac.      Russ ripped open the sac and got all the gook off of the puppy with a paper towel.... I pried it's little mouth open and gave it 2 drops of the revive stuff under it's little tongue .... then I started rubbing it all over to try to make it breathe.  Ok ... nothing happened ....so Russ started rubbing .... nothing happened...... then Rich brought another one out.  Hey!  We haven't got the last one to start breathing yet .... wait a minute!!!     Well, apparently it doesn't work that way.  He doesn't stop .... there's no waiting.   So now we had two little puppies we were working on.    Neither one was breathing.   I gave the second puppy two drops of the stuff ..... and then Rich brought out another one ....so now I was rubbing two puppies and Russ was ripping the sack off the third puppy ....then he brought out ANOTHER one ---- HEY!!! WAIT!!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!   So now Russ had two and I had two and I was giving them more drops of the 'revive' stuff ......  and we were both using both hands rubbing their little bellies and backs and throats trying to get them to breathe ---- none of them would breathe.   Ok ... this isn't quite as easy as we thought ....We were panicking!!!    Then FINALLY one gasped for air and opened his little mouth ..... then Rich brought out another one --- SIX now .... then finally another one gasped for breathe .... then Rich brought out ANOTHER ONE ... SEVEN LITTLE PUPPIES TOTAL!!!!!   We had both hands going rubbing and rubbing and rubbing like crazy .... now I know why Kiki licks them so hard and beats the crap out of them when they come out  .... she's trying to get them to breathe.  Then you'd think after they gasped they'd start breathing .... oh no .... you had to keep rubbing them cuz they'd stop breathing again.     At one point we had 7 little, tiny black baby wet rats with all their afterbirth and bags attached to them all laying there NOT BREATHING ...... Rich came out from the back where Kiki was and gave me another syringe of different revive stuff to use .... then FINALLY we got one of the little suckers to start breathing all on his own and he started whining ... and whining and whining..... then finally another one ... and another one ..... till all seven were breathing on their own.  There were a couple that were hit and miss ..... they went a long time without gasping for air.   Then Rich showed us how to clamp the umbilical cord and cut off the blood flow to the afterbirth bags ..... I clamped and Russ cut till all the little puppies were laying in a pile squirming around and whining.    All were ok!!     SEVEN PUPPIES!!!!  WOW!   Then Rich finished stiching up Kiki and brought her out.  He brought her out of the sedative and she was real groggy.  I showed her all her puppies but she just stared at them in a daze ....... she didn't know they were her puppies.  SO .... we had to work with her and try to get her to accept the seven little puppies.  She didn't want to lick them or be by them.    Finally she figured it out and she started licking them and loving them.      Then we packed up all the puppies in a little box with a towel in it ..... wrapped Kiki in a blanket and went home.       SEVEN PUPPIES!!!    

     SO ... Russ got home and took some medicine .... he got a terrible migraine delivering puppies and he said he NEVER wants to do that again.    I guess he's not cut out to be a vet ..... I loved it!!   This was the best morning!!!!     I hope all seven make it through the next 2 weeks .......  Stay tuned for more pics as they grow older!! 

Puppies pictured below at ONE DAY OLD -- Feb 10, 2008
Kiki came through surgery like a champ --- she looks great!!  and is moving around like nothing ever happened.
They're so small they fit into the palm of your hand ..... they're SO SWEET!!!
**All seven are still alive on Day 2 ...one little male starting to fall behind ... not eating like he's supposed to ... we're helping him as much as we can and crossing our fingers!!

KnR Arabians is proud to introduce --  Jack Jack and Kiki (*pictured above -- Jack on the bottom ... Kiki on the top).        They are two of the elite, new black and tan Jack Russells or Euro Russells being exclusively bred in the Netherlands and Ireland.    This is a new breed not yet recognized by the AKC.    They are very similar to a common Jack Russell, but are a little smaller and have a milder temperament without all the hyperactivity.    They have the coloring of a Rottweiler. 

Both KiKi and Jack Jack were shipped in from California.  Both were bred by Monique and Jerome Struck of SVS Arabians.     The fathers and mothers of the two were imported from Holland.  

Kiki Jack Jack

The Black and Tan Jacks or "Euro Russells" are rare (sometimes also known as "Hunt Terriers".).  So far we've heard of only  a few other places that breed for these rare and wonderful Terriers.    The temperament of these Terriers and their great trainability make them very much suited to home living, with children of all ages and other dogs and cats.   These "Euro" Russell Terriers (aka Hunt Terrier) are mostly shorter and lighter than the Parson Jack Russell who are primarily bred to be hunting dogs.  They range in height from 9" - 12" and weigh between 8.5 lbs and 12 lbs.  The European Jack Russells that we are breeding are the "short-legged" type of breed, often called 'little pudding dogs', 'potbelly', 'shorties', and 'puddins'.

Click here for more info on "Euro Russells" :  www.eurorussell.com

**Kiki's Last batch of puppies (below....)
 Born June 25, 2007!!
Kiki had 5 puppies in her third litter -- 3 boys and 2 girls
(*Shown below at 2 1/2 weeks old)
2 females 3 males
Female #1 Female #2 Male #1 Male #2 Male #3
Staying with Steve Helfrich Kerry & Keith Gould Stacey M Robyn M
KnR Arabians Latimer, IA Latimer, IA New Durham, NH  Austin, TX

Females #1 and #2

Males #1, #2, and #3 (in that order)

Apollo and Scout and Happy and the puppy herd.
All the puppies with Cally ............ Wensday sleeping while Gigi wakes up!
Puppies sleeping on the floor under Kelly's arm.................................Little Gigi licks Russ.
All Five Puppies -- from left .... Scount, Hilo, Gigi, Wensday, Chase


Click here to see pics of Kiki's First Litter of Puppies!!

Click here to see pics of Kiki's Second Litter of Puppies!!

Third Litter Shown Above

Fourth Litter at top of page ...more pics to come!!


Visitors are welcome anytime!

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