Mini Donkeys

This year we have a Gorilla man in our haunted barn.    We've named the Gorilla man -- "Chimi Chonga."  When one of the kids had the costume on one day, he wandered into the donkey pasture.   The result was so funny!!
At first the donkeys seemed annoyed by Chimi ....and could care less that he was in their pasture.
Then slowly, one by one they started to come up to him to check him out.  Here is Chester and Ellie coming up and smelling him ...
Pretty soon Ellie and Kuder and Sandy come up too ....... Ellie just LOVED Chimi Chonga and wouldn't leave him alone!!
Introducing to Dragonfire ---- Festus!!

Welcome To Your NEW Home Festus!! 3/15/08


Russ introduces Lacey and Diamond to little Festus before he turns him loose in their pasture...
Lacey and Diamond really like their new friend, Festus!
Festus meets the other donkeys through the fence.
Festus meets the Percheron and the Camel ... WHAT IS THAT?!
Festus is a fine looking little boy!!
Here is Festus with all the animals in the background ... so many new friends to meet!
Festus settles in for the night with Lacey and Diamond ... tomorrow he'll get turned out with the other donkeys!


Dragonfire Mini Donkeys -- Rudy, Sandy, and Ellie
Donkeys out in the back pasture -- what a pretty picture!!
Rudy and Ellie Rudy in Pasture Ellie
Russ with Rudy and Ellie Russ, don't you dare get on one of those little donkeys!
Russ tries to get on Ellie! Ellie is mad at Russ ....
 Oh Ellie, don't be mad ... I'll give you a kiss ... Russ gives Ellie a kiss and hug
 Sandy out in the pasture --- Sandy again...
Pictured above is Rudy (male - red halter) and Ellie (female - purple halter) as weanling babies
Ellie Rudy Rudy Meets the Percheron
The mini donkeys meet Oopsie -- the mini mule
Kiki and Jack meet Ellie and Rudy In perfect step -- Driving Team! Rudy
Uh oh! Abe grabs Ellie's halter... Abe tried to pull Ellie over the fence to his side!  OH NO!! Russ gets close to minis to try to get Ellie's halter off ....
Here they go! Hold on Russ!! You've got her!
No More Halter!!  I'm free!! Ellie and Rudy
Now Abe can't grab Ellie's halter!!
Three mini donkeys -- Rudy, Ellie, and Sandy

On 3/19/06 "Sandy" the mini donkey arrived at KnR Arabians.    "Sandy" is a registered female mini donkey from Pennsylvania.   




Visitors are welcome anytime!

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