Shahnel No Five

(Bey Shahn (Bey Shah) x Chal Rena (Back Street x Mitee Daughter (Bask)


Shahnel was born in 2001 ..... in 2002 when she was a yearling, she was named 2002 Iowa Gold Star Futurity AUCTION Champion.  Photos above were taken when she was a yearling in 2002.

Photo above taken at Midwest Training Center in Rogers, MN in 2004.   Shahnel was taken to Midwest to be bred to Magnum Psyche for a 2005 foal.   Shahnel had a filly in 2005 but it died at the Iowa State Veterinary Labs.  The filly had a hole in her skull and it was inoperable.   Shahnel was then bred back to Magnum Psyche again in 2005.

She had another BEAUTIFUL chestnut filly in 2006 that we named Magnum Passhahn.

Passhahn was taken to Midwest Training Center as a yearling to get ready for the 2007 Iowa Gold Star Futurity AUCTION class.

... she was named 2007 CHAMPION Auction Filly with Jason Tackett at the lead.  She won Russ and Kelly $9,968.20 and was sold at the show to a buyer in Canada.   Passhahn was later taken as a 2 year old to the Scottsdale Show in Arizona and placed 4th out of 26 entries in the 2 year old Filly Class.

After Shahnel had Passhahn, she was bred back to Magnum Chall in 2006.   She came up open that year.   We bred her to Magnum Chall again in the spring of 2007.    Shahnel had a very handsome, chestnut colt in 2008 that we knicknamed "Spiderman".

"Spiderman" had legs that went on forever.  He was a sweet colt.  Unfortunately, he died at 6 months old from unknown causes.   Shahnel was bred back to Magnum Psyche again in 2007 after she had the Magnum Chall colt.


In 2008, Forteefour Magnum was born.  We knicknamed him "Dirty Harry".   "Harry" was one of the biggest colts we've ever had born here on the farm.

Forteefour Magnum was taken to Midwest Training Center in 2009 as a yearling to get ready to show in the 2009 Iowa Gold Star Futurity Auction Class.    He showed very well but did not place.   Harry now lives in North Carolina with Kelly's brother.  Shahnel was bred back to DaVinci FM in 2008 but came up open.   She didn't have a foal in 2009.  In 2009, she was taken to West Lawn Farms and was bred to RHR Marcedes.  *Pics below are of Shahnel in 2010.

Shahnel pictured above with 2010 Marcedes Filly

This filly was later sold to a gentleman in Columbia, South America with another filly we had here by Davinci FM.  Both are now residing in South America.

Shahnel is currently open in 2012.  MUST SELL.  She is a BEAUTIFUL horse with an amazing pedigree.   She is an awesome mom ....easy breeder ..... All her foals have been sold EASILY.   They are even more beautiful than she is.   If you have an existing breeding program or are just starting into the breeding industry and are looking to add on an exceptional broodmare, this is the one.  You WILL NOT find a more valuable candidate at this price.   I MUST SELL THIS MARE ASAP.  

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