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Once upon a time, in 1990 Cory Soltau & Ralph Sessa decided to breed their mare, Torinna (a Tornado Daughter) to the great Bey Shah.


Bey Shah x Torinna (Tornado daughter) =  ???

(**more Bey Shah pics below....)


On April 20, 1991 -- a beautiful bay colt was born.  He was named -- BEY SHAHN.

Bey Shahn pictured above as a yearling in 1992.   Being exercised on the racetrack at the Soltau farm in California. Ralph and Cory bred one mare in 1993 to BEY SHAHN and that resulted in a bay colt in 1994.

*Bey Shahn's very first foal (below)

SL BEY SHAHNTU  AHR*541522  04 Jul 1994  Gelding  Bay 


 In 1994, Tracy and Cory Holbrook of Santa Ynez, California decided they couldn't resist buying this gorgeous three year old colt so he went to live with them. (*pics above taken in 1994 when Shahn was 3)

Tracy really wanted to ride Shahn in Country English Classes so she had him started under saddle.   ....but he just wasn't a very good Country English horse ..... too lazy.   (picture taken in 1995) they stood him as a stallion and he sired 6 foals while with Tracy and Cory. (*Pictures above taken in 1996)

*Foals sired by Bey Shahn from 1995 - 1997 while owned by Tracy and Cory Holbrook (below)

BEY SHAHLAYNA  AHR*513545  01 Feb 1995  Mare  Bay 
BA TORRO BEY  AHR*518179  01 May 1995  Gelding  Chestnut 
BEY SUMMER BREEZE  AHR*529631  02 Jun 1995  Mare  Bay 
IMAGINASHAHN  HAHR*2A325782  11 Mar 1996  Gelding  Chestnut 
ELATSHAHN  AHR*548426  22 Mar 1997  Mare  Chestnut 

Tracy and Cory really didn't want to stand a stallion so they decided to offer Bey Shahn for sale so he could go to a breeder that wanted to really use him and promote him...

In June 1998, Russ and Kelly purchased Bey Shahn and he came to live in Iowa. 

They wanted to make Shahn a western horse so after breeding a few mares the spring of 1999, they sent him up to Shada Arabian Sanction and he was put in western training with Robert Spear (Shada's performance trainer at the time)   Russ and Kelly transferred Shahn to Matthias Arabians a few months later in order to have him a little closer to home and where they continued his Western Training.     They brought him home later that year because they really wanted to have him at the farm to take him to shows themselves and also decided to stand him at their farm in 2000.   As a result of the three mares he covered in 1999, he sired three foals born in 2000.

*Foals sired by Bey Shahn in 2000 (below)

PISTOLEERO BEY  HAHR*5A339169  28 Feb 2000  Gelding  Bay 
MVA BEY SHAHNA  AHR*575794  08 Apr 2000  Mare  Bay 
BEY XHILLERASHAHN  AHR*579991  18 May 2000  Gelding  Grey 

Russ and Kelly bred many mares to Shahn in 2000 and 2001.   He didn't show much during that time period.  (*Picture above taken by Judith in 2001)

Russ and Kelly did take Shahn to the Iowa Gold Star Futurity Show to promote him as a stallion ... this photo taken at the 2001 Gold Star Show.

*Foals sired by Bey Shahn in 2001 and 2002 (below)

SHAHNEL NO FIVE  AHR*590972  21 Jan 2001  Mare  Chestnut 
REY LAVENNDER BEY  AHR*592786  25 Feb 2001  Mare  Chestnut 
REYDIASHAHN BEY  AHR*590265  04 Mar 2001  Gelding  Chestnut 
CCACCELERATOR BEY  AHR*586797  16 Mar 2001  Stallion  Bay 
REYNSTORM BEY  HAHR*6A346398  28 Mar 2001  Mare  Black Bay 
IWF SHAHNIA  AHR*588540  02 Apr 2001  Mare  Chestnut 
CHANS BEY SHAHN  AHR*586793  27 Apr 2001  Gelding  Bay 
MYA SHAHLAH ROSE  AHR*592466  04 May 2001  Mare  Bay 
SHERWOOD  AHR*593830  18 Jun 2001  Gelding  Grey 
AAH SAKISHAHN  AHR*594642  09 Mar 2002  Mare  Grey 
SF AMBISHAHN  HAHR*6A347631  27 Mar 2002  Mare  Bay 
FRAMESI BEY  AHR*594395  12 Apr 2002  Mare  Chestnut 
MONTAGE LS  AHR*600785  23 Apr 2002  Gelding  Grey 
BEY PERFECSHAHN  AHR*594810  03 May 2002  Gelding  Bay 
KHEMOSHAHN BEY  AHR*595929  18 May 2002  Gelding  Bay 
KWA GODZILLA  AHR*598882  20 May 2002  Stallion  Bay 
DJ BEY SAM  AHR*597244  31 May 2002  Gelding  Bay 
REY JUBILASHAHN BEY  AHR*595928  03 Jun 2002  Mare  Bay 

In 2002, Russ and Kelly thought about putting Shahn back under saddle and getting him back into the show ring again so they sent him to Abbie "Leopard" Miller after they bred one mare that spring.  Abbie started Shahn out as a Hunt Horse in 2002.

Bey Shahn was named IaAHA Overall High Point Purebred Open Hunt Horse in 2002 and he sired one more foal.

*Foal sired by Bey Shahn in 2003 (below)

PHOENIX BEY SB  HAHR*2A353016  29 Mar 2003  Gelding  Chestnut 
PHOENIX BEY SB  CPAR*2A6125  29 Mar 2003  Gelding  Chestnut 


Abbie gradually transferred Shahn back to Western Pleasure and the plan was to get all the mares booked to him in 2003 bred quickly in early spring so he could continue his show career.    Unfortunately, the mares didn't cooperate and Shahn didn't get them all settled until mid summer in 2003 ..... that threw off his training schedule and he didn't return to the ring.   He sired 5 morefoals in 2004. 

*Foals sired by Bey Shahn in 2004 (below)

EVOLUSHAHN BEY  HAHR*6A355796  22 Feb 2004  Mare  Bay 
XPLOSHAHN BEY  AHR*617801  02 Mar 2004  Gelding  Bay 
A PREMONISHAHN  AHR*615130  01 Apr 2004  Stallion  Bay 
CCF KHAHBEYLLA  AHR*608813  13 Apr 2004  Mare  Bay 
KOINCIDENTALY BEY  HAHR*2A354814  29 May 2004  Gelding  Bay 

Russ and Kelly kept him home and kept breeding him in 2004, 2005, and 2006.   He was not shown anywhere during that time frame.

*Foals sired by Bey Shahn in 2005, 2006, and 2007 (below)

WR-KORRY  AHR*623983  17 Feb 2005  Stallion  Bay 
NA-SHAHN  AHR*616435  26 Feb 2005  Mare  Bay 
MAGIC POSHAHN  HAHR*6A363203  15 Mar 2005  Mare  Chestnut 
THE ELECTRISHAHN  AHR*623373  29 Mar 2005  Stallion  Bay 
CELEBRASHAHN BEY  AHR*624349  17 Apr 2005  Mare  Chestnut 
IMA COWBOY SENSASHAHN  HAHR*1A361561  08 Jul 2005  Gelding  Buckskin 
BEY ALARM  AHR*625108  03 Mar 2006  Stallion  Bay 
ST PATTY BEY  HAHR*6A362125  17 Mar 2006  Mare  Bay 
CF CINNAMON TWIST  HAHR*1A362546  19 Apr 2006  Mare  Buckskin 
CF CINNAMON TWIST  CPAR*1A5889  19 Apr 2006  Mare  Buckskin 
BLACKSTONE SHAHN  HAHR*1A363129  28 May 2006  Stallion  Bay 
DE KAUZN A KOMOSHAHN  HAHR*1A366419  05 Feb 2007  Mare  Chestnut 
G TEZ OKAYSHAHN BEY  AHR*630290  14 Mar 2007  Stallion  Bay 
BUCKINAY BEY  HAHR*1A367284  28 Mar 2007  Stallion  Buckskin 
JDEES DEJAVU  HAHR*2A367498  23 Apr 2007  Gelding  Buckskin 
DJ MECCA  AHR*634366  28 May 2007  Stallion  Bay 

In 2007 Russ and Kelly decided to start outcrossing Bey Shahn daughters on outside stallions and no longer bred him to their mares.   Only one outside mare was bred to Shahn in 2007 producing a palomino Half Arabian filly.

*Last Foal sired by Bey Shahn in 2008 (below)

GOLDEN GIRL GEM  HAHR*1A369769  13 Jun 2008  Mare  Palomino 

Bey Shahn was formally retired from publicly breeding in 2008 and has not sired any further foals.   In total he sired 51 registered Arabian and Half Arabian horses.    There are a couple more out there that never got registered by their owners.

**Pics below taken of Shahn in July, 2009 -- at 18 years old

Russ and Bey Shahn -- July 2009

Rest in Peace Shahn.....We will love you always ....

April 20, 1991 - September 30, 2010

Some of Bey Shahn's Foals:

Diamond, Abbie, X...

Julie, Lilly, Monty...

Barbie, Celly, Sam...

Shahnel, Buck, Monty...


Celly, Sam, Shahn....

Cinnamon, Eve, Fremesi, Maggie...

Cowboy, Godzilla, Kobe, Shahnia...

Mya, Patty, Phoenix, Blackstone...

Reymond, Sam, Stormy, Perfect ...

Scooter, Shahnel, Sherwood, Superman...

Stormy, Sparky, Reymond...

X, Cowboy, Barbie, Blackstone...

Buck, Skeeter, Shahna, Dancer...

Shahlayna, Pistoleero, Renegade, Ace, Rhio, Saki...

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