Reydiashahn Bey

2001 a chestnut colt was born.    His daddy was Bey Shahn and his mommy was MC Jabasks Rose.   He was one of the prettiest little babies Bey Shahn has ever produced.    He was red like fire so he was named "Reydiashahn Bey" for the firey nuclear radiation he resembled.    He was nicknamed Reymond because "Everybody Loves Reymond!"

In 2002 Judith and Deanna of Windborne Video came over and took pics and video of Reymond to go in Shahn's stallion video.

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When Reymond was a year old he went to the Gold Star Futurity and showed in the Open Yearling Gelding/Colt class. He was being shown by an individual that hadn't shown an Arabian before.    The kid did a great job but Reymond got the gate that year.   That was his first show.   Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of Reymond at that time.

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A girl named Stephanie came along and fell in love with Reymond (as everyone does) and she talked her mom and dad into letting her buy him.   They became very best friends.

2003 Iowa Gold Star Futurity -- CHAMPION 2 Year old Gelding

Stephanie brought Reymond back the next year to the Gold Star Futurity show and showed him by herself and he was named CHAMPION and beat all the horses that had beaten him the year before.

In Jan/Feb 2004, Stephanie started Reymond under saddle herself when he was 3 years old.   He was already walking, trotting, and cantering on the FOURTH ride!!  This is a picture of Reymond and Stephie on their fourth ride.

Reymond and Stephanie at 2004 IaAHA Memorial Day Show - Reymond's First Show under saddle. Reymond was 3 years old.

Reymond and Stephanie 2004 Iowa Gold Star Futurity -- TOP FIVE 3 Year Old Geldings

Reymond and Stephanie take home TOP FIVE at 2004 Iowa Gold Star Futurity

Stephanie and Reymond go TOP 10 at Minnesota Medallion Futurity (over 40 riders in class)


Stephie and Reymond rode in a few more shows in 2004...


Here they are in Winona, Minnesota in 2005 ... Reymond is now 4 and has been switched to a full bridle already...

Abbie rides Reymond in Side Saddle class at the IaAHA Spring Show in 2005.

Then Abbie goes in the Geldings class .....


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In 2006, Stephy got married and had a little boy.   She wasn't riding as much so she decided to let us borrow Reymond back for the Summer so we could ride him in some parades and so Dani and Lauren could show him.    Reymond is now 5 years old.

  Stephie comes over to ride Reymond in his first parade ... Dumont Days ....what a pretty boy!!


Reymond does great in the parade!

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Dani shows Reymond in Geldings 3 & Over Halter at the 2006 Blackhawk Show


Lauren rides Reymond in the 2006 Butler County Fair Parade...

 Reymond went to a couple more fun shows in 2006 and eventually went back to live with Stephie.

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 In 2007 Stephie was expecting another little boy so she didn't ride quite as much again.   She did bring Reymond out in September 2007 to help out the club at the Dancing With Horses presentation at MacElroy Auditorium in Waterloo, IA.    She was 6 months pregnant when she threw a costume on Reymond and ran him around the arena in front of hundreds of people.


The ladies line up head to tail while the announcer tells the audience about their costumes and more about Arabian Horses ...Reymond is third in line in purple

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Reymond is now 7 years old and Stephanie has decided to let us buy him back from her.  She has two baby boys and needs to take more time with her family.  

We  placed Reymond in training with Deb Brass and asked amateur rider, Sean Thurm, to ride him.    Here they are practicing at the 2008 Mason City Arabian Fun Show.
...and guess what happened at the Iowa Gold Star Futurity7??
Iowa Gold Star Futurity RESERVE CHAMPION!! HUNTER!!
Pictured above:  Reydiashahn Bey (Bey Shahn x MC Jabasks Rose) with rider Sean Thurm. 
We were so proud of Reymond and Sean.   We never expected them to do so well against so many really good hunt horses.   WAY TO GO BOYS!!!  

Reymond was thrown back out in the pasture again after the Gold Star Show in September of 2008 and then got pulled out 6 months later to go to the Iowa Horse Fair in April 2009

Stephy didn't lunge Reymond or practice ahead of time -- she just jumped on him and rode him around the fairgrounds ....and he hadn't been ridden in over SIX MONTHS.   They rode by the team penners and mounted shooters and minis and wagons and all the chaos that is all over Horse Fair.  Reymond didn't spook at anything.
Stephy and Reymond look so pretty in their purple costume!!
Have you noticed that this horse ALWAYS has his ears up ??  He's such a happy boy....
I think it's so neat that he drops his head low and slows down for western ... speeds up and frames up for hunter ... and then look at his headset when he's got a costume on!!   You'd swear this horse was a Country English Horse!!
Reymond and the girls had a great time at the 2009 Iowa Horse Fair.
...Then Reymond went home and went right back in the pasture.   He didn't come out again till the Cattle Congress Fun Show in June....Practice?  What's Practice?  We don't understand that word .... we just pull the horses out of the pasture and go have fun ..... here are some pics of Reymond after we pulled him out of the pasture and took him to the show ---
Dani showed him in halter and showmanship and Stephy rode him western and hunter and did very well considering nobody had ridden him since Horse Fair and then they only rode him for about 10 minutes.  
**Reymond almost looks like an English Horse in this shot below.... ... he's next to the white horse exiting the arena
Then after that show Reymond went home and got put back out in the pasture.    We pulled him out again the day before the Mason City Fun Show - loaded him up and off we went ....
Reymond did really good in halter but the girls decided they had too many horses to ride and were hot and tired so Lauren just rode Krissy ..... Dani rode Khountry .... and Stephy rode her Paint horse.   Poor Reymond didn't get to play at all other than in halter.   Man ... we'd be dangerous if we actually started PRACTICING before the show, wouldn't we??  :o)
Spooktacular - November 2009 (Cedar Rapids)
Stephy took Reymond over to Hillside in October 2009 to start working with him to show him in 2010.  She took him to the 2009 Spooktacular show in Cedar Rapids.   He looked awesome!!
Stephy and Reymond entered the Egg N Spoon class ....
Stephy kept Reymond over at Hillside in Evansdale from Nov 2009 - April 2010.    Kelly went and rode Reymond for the first time ever in April.
Reymond was taken to the Iowa Horse Fair on April 9, 2010 and was placed in the 'breed isle' as the official Arabian horse.  He looked amazing! are a couple shots of Reymond in the ARABIAN stall at the 2010 Horse Fair
Since Stephy wasn't able to come ride Reymond at Horse Fair, Donna said she'd ride him.  This would be the very first time Donna has EVER ridden Reymond.  Uh oh .....
They looked FANTASTIC!   Donna rode him like she'd been riding him forever.   She was so pretty in purple!!
Here are a few more shots of Donna and Reymond at the Horse Fair....

Pictured from left:  Dana Jordan riding Mon Bey Pako (aka: Frank) ; Donna Burch riding Reydiashahn Bey (aka: Reymond) ; Danielle Reynolds riding Contessa Parada (aka: Tess) ; Landon Matthias riding Dun Playd N The Paint (aka: Nickel) ; Lisa Kesek riding Kis My Impresive Bask (aka: Moose) ; Kelly Reynolds riding El Gato ; Megan Dominick riding Halim Altaj (aka: Halim)

Indalecio saw Donna ride Reymond at the Iowa Horse Fair and thought he might make a good dancing horse ??   So Russ took Reymond over to his barn to start his dancing training on April 11, 2010 ....
We went to check on Reymond after he had been in training for 30 days.   Reymond loves Indalecio ..... you could tell he was incredibly happy there.    He was calmer than we've ever seen him and his ears were up almost always.
...but, just like with people .... not everybody can dance.    Indalecio worked with Reymond for weeks.  Reymond tried and tried to do what he wanted .... but the truth is, Reymond just can't dance.  
He really wanted to please Indalecio and was trying very hard but he doesn't have enough 'lift' in his front legs.  Indalecio says that Reymond tries to dance, and gets angry and upset because he isn't built to do it.  To push him into it would just frustrate him even more.  He could continue but his dancing will never look good.   His recommendation was that we take Reymond back home.   Not all horses are meant to dance.   He led Reymond around a little bit so we could watch his front legs --- yep, he's a slug.  He drags his feet so much that he leaves tracks in the sand.   Perfect for a western horse .... not so perfect for a dancer.   We figure it's like when you're at a bar or a wedding and you see that one guy out on the dance floor that is really trying to dance ..... but he just looks ridiculous, because he's got no rythm.    That's Reymond.    You could tell the poor guy LOVES dancing .... he just sucks at it.
UPDATE - Summer 2010 - Fall 2011 Reymond went to stay at Silver Creek Sport Horses.  Silver Creek had a summer riding program that Reymond participated in teaching young riders how to ride.  They are a 'dressage/jumping' facility that teaches kids the basics.   Reymond came back home to live in September 2011.   Two weeks after he came home, we loaded him up and took him to the 2011 Dances With Horses event at the Cattle Congress grounds.   Reymond was ridden by Brooke Clarke who had only ridden him one time before this performance.   They looked GREAT together!!! 
Reymond and brooke did a TERRIFIC job!!
Reymond went back home after the 2011 Danced With Horses event and went back out in the pasture.   In the summer of 2012, he was given to our daughter, Dani.    We're anxious to see what other adventures Reymond will have in the future with Dani.    Stay tuned for more pics of his life!!
Dani rode Reymond a few times out in the pasture and in the arena in the summer of 2012 but didn't show him anywhere until September 2012 ..... it's time for DANCES WITH HORSES again and Brooke agreed to ride him in the presentation (Dani was riding Tess).    Brooke has only ridden Reymond one other time ..... last year at the same venue.   This time they chose to wear the blue costume. 
Reymond is now being used as an intermediate/advanced riding lesson horse at the Dragonfire Dancing Horse farm.   Stay tuned to see what's in store for Reymond in 2013!!

Visitors are welcome anytime!

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