Kiki's First Batch of Puppies

Kiki had Puppies!! -- MARCH 30th, 2006!!

Male #1 - SOLD
New Owner:   Brightjacks Farm

Female - SOLD

New Owner:   Brightjacks Farm

Male #2 - SOLD


New Owner:   Tyke Clavin

Jewell, Iowa


The Black and Tan Jacks or "Euro Russell" are rare.  So far we've heard of only  two other places that breed for these rare and wonderful Terriers.  We are now the third place in the United States that breed for the rare Black and Tan coloring.   The temperament of these Terriers and their great trainability make them very much suited to home living, with children of all ages and other dogs and cats.   These "Euro" Russell Terriers also known as "Hunt Terriers"  are mostly shorter and lighter than the Parson Jack Russell who are primarily bred to be hunting dogs.  They range in height from 9" - 12" and weigh between 8.5 lbs and 12 lbs.  The European Jack Russells that we are breeding are the "short-legged" type of breed, often called 'little pudding dogs', 'potbelly', 'shorties', and 'puddins'.

Click here for more info on "Hunt Terriers" : 

Both KiKi and Jack Jack were shipped in from California.  Both were bred by Monique and Jerome Struck of SVS Arabians.     The fathers and mothers of the two were imported from Holland.

  (*Pictured above are Kiki's newest litter of puppies at 2 weeks old)


Kiki and her one day old puppies!

Right now we have one female and two males and all have been sold ....

If you're interested in a puppy from the next litter please let us know and we'll put you on the list!!

KiKi's puppies are 4 weeks old!!





Cally meets the puppies...



Visitors are welcome anytime!

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