2010 Iowa Horse Fair

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Arabians at 2010 Iowa Horse Fair are a HIT!!

Pictured from left:  Dana Jordan riding Mon Bey Pako (aka: Frank) ; Donna Burch riding Reydiashahn Bey (aka: Reymond) ; Danielle Reynolds riding Contessa Parada (aka: Tess) ; Landon Matthias riding Dun Playd N The Paint (aka: Nickel) ; Lisa Kesek riding Kis My Impresive Bask (aka: Moose) ; Kelly Reynolds riding El Gato ; Megan Dominick riding Halim Altaj (aka: Halim)

I really enjoyed all the photos of the girls at the Horse Fair! Well done! I wish that we displayed such enthusiasm for the breed at our Equine Affaire in Ohio! I particularly liked the fact that you had Arabs and Half Arabs from a variety of backgrounds...true versatility of the horse AND their owners! Well done!                                                                                               Rhonda Prochaska
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We brought Reydiashahn Bey (Bey Shahn x MC Jabasks Rose) to go in the "breed" isle.  Reymond settles in nicely there.
Dana brings fellow students from her Communications class to help us build out in the barn.   They needed to spend 3 hours helping a non-profit group doing something.   We REALLY appreciated the help!!  Thanks girls!!
Donna, Kelly, and Dani had most of the framework up before the girls got there and all the curtains.  They just put the finishing touches on the walk in room.
 It looked great when they were finished!!
This is the result after many hours of hard work.   The Arabians placed THIRD in the stall decorating contest and won $25 for both clubs and placed SECOND in the herdsmanship contest and won $100 for both clubs.  
In the meantime, Carolyn and Jenny were working hard putting together the trade show booths for both clubs. Jenny's mom made the table coverings that hung over the tables.   I think they looked awesome!
Here's the finished look when it was all done in the trade show area.
On Friday afternoon the Arabians were given the 4:15 - 4:30 time slot to go in and practice in the pavilion.   Indalecio took Gato out for a quick spin in the back arena and put him through his paces before Kelly jumped on...
Then Kelly got on him --- this is her third ride on Gato....
Kelly tries to make Gato Dance and attempts the bow while on top of him.  SHE DID IT!!!  :o)
Kim warms up Landon's pony, Nickel so he's ready when Landon has to ride on Sunday.    Lisa warms up Moose as well.
Everybody is focused on their ride .... we only have 15 minutes to practice!!
Hi Eva!  She was so good today while we were building.  She sat very quietly while her mom worked.    Kim and Dani look like Rock Stars!!  Go girls!!!
Hey!  It's the GOLD STAR TRUCK!!   How'd that get in the picture?!!   ....and here's a shot of the pavilion from the horse barn.  All kinds of horses are at the horse fair again this year.
Lisa is so funny -- she volunteered to ride in the Parade of Breeds on both Saturday and Sunday at noon.   Here she is tacking up Moose and getting him ready to go.   The people gather around to watch her get dressed.  She even lets some kids come up and pet him.
Moose and Lisa patiently wait for their turn to represent the Arabian Horse in the parade of breeds.
There are lots of different kinds of horses waiting to go in the pavilion.   That little pony only had one eye.  He was cute.
All kinds of pretty horses!!
They all wait for their names to be called.
Finally! It's the Arabian's turn!! Lisa is up and she runs into the ring.  She does a super job!!
She's not in there very long.  When she comes out she poses for a few more pics.  There are tons of people taking her picture.   Moose is such a good horse.   He gives some kids a ride, too.
Horses in the barn are getting ready for demos all day long.   Lisa and Moose head back to the stalls to change.   Uh oh!  It's practice time again for Gato.  Indalecio gets him out and Russ puts on the scary reins so he can get used to them.
All eyes are on the beautiful Gato as Indalecio rides him up to the ring.   Dani takes Tess for a spin around the arena with her costume on.  She's never had a costume on before (except that lighted costume the girls put on her in the Christmas Parade!! :o)   She takes it all in stride....
Kelly and Dani work the horses side by side in the ring.  Gato is being a very good boy.  You'd never know he's a stallion!!  Kelly takes him out on flatter ground to practice the spanish walk.   He needs VERY flat and hard ground to dance and to walk high.  The arena is too deep.
LOL!  This little girl tells Kelly that her horse can dance like that, too!  ... then her mom says, "Yes, honey... but this horse does it on purpose."  HAHAHAHA!!!
Kelly walks Gato back to the stalls.  Man, my left leg is crooked!!   Wow.
Silly Nickel .... he's wearing Landon's Hat!!  ....and then he tries to eat his stall poster!!  NO!  Don't eat that!! .... Ok, if I can't eat my poster I'm going to eat Landon's blinking pendant hanging by his stomach.  HAHAHA!!
Dani holds Reymond while Donna saddles him ....Landon poses by his poster .... Russ and Dani work on pretty-ing up her reins.
Everybody gets ready and patiently waits for time to pass until they get to go to the ring!!
Dani looks like a princess!! .... The girls watch as everyone gets ready .... Tess is saddled and ready to go -- what a neat stall sign Dani made up for her!!
Megan and her mom get Halim ready ... Dana works on Frank -- Hey Dana!! Cool Shades!!!  You look like a ROCK STAR!
More pics of everybody getting ready ....
It's almost time to go up .... people are gathered in the isle watching the horses getting tacked up and the girls get on.
Indalecio helps Kelly on her way up to the ring..... Dani and Tess look so nice!! .... Dana puts frank through the paces.
Donna tries to figure out Reymond and the new way Stephy's been riding him with her hands WAY far apart....HI LON!!! Lookin' Good!!!....... Uh oh, here comes the Donkeys!!   Gato doesn't care -- he likes donkeys.  
More donkeys coming out!
Ok -- here we go!  It's the ARABIAN HORSE!!   ....and the girls are IN!!
Five Costume horses riding around the ring to the song Wizards of Winter ...
Go Girls!! So beautiful!!!
Now the music changes to "TEQUILA" ..... and Kelly and Gato start dancing out to the center of the ring while the 5 girls retire to the back of the ring and line up head to tail.
Reymond and Donna and Tess and Dani stand in line while Kelly and Gato dance to the song "Tequila"
As Tequila ends then the next song starts ..... LaBamba!
The girls watch as Gato dances ....
Gato swaps from the piaffe to the spanish walk to the passage back to the piaffe....
He is having so much fun dancing to the music ... kelly is just sitting up there holding on letting him do his thing.
...and then we hear the music transition from LaBamba to the country sound "Little Bitty"...
Kelly and Gato go and line up wih the rest of the girls while Landon and Nickel jog into the ring...
Like the song says -- It's all right to be Little Bitty..."  Landon and Nickel do a FANTASTIC job!!!
The girls wait till the song is over and Landon is out of the ring ..... once he's out the announcer starts calling their names one at a time to tell the audience who our riders were today....
The music reverts back to Wizards of Winter.   First out is Lisa and Moose!!
One by one the girls leave the ring while the audience applauds.   Dana is the last costume rider out -- look at her go!  She's going so fast Frank is leaning!!    Then the announcer says .... and last but not least -- let's hear it for our Dancing Stallion -- EL GATO!!!!  and Kelly gets Gato dancing in place while the audience cheers.
...and then they bow to the crowd and they go NUTS!!!!  Kelly and Gato Dance their way out of the arena .... what a fantastic Arabian presentation!!
When the group leaves they get mobbed by the paparrazi with cameras wanting their picture so they all go out behind the Walnut building  and pose for pics.   Look at ALL THOSE CAMERAS!!!!
Everyone poses and smiles pretty for the cameras!!   Kelly and Gato / Landon and Nickel / Megan and Halim / Dani and Tess
Donna and Reymond (with Dani and Tess) / Lisa and Moose / Dana and Frank (with Donna and Reymond)
...back at the barn a crowd has gathered waiting for the riders.  Kelly lets the kids sit up on Gato the famous dancing stallion.   Yep, this year's presentation was definitely a hit.   I don't know if we can top this one!! :o)
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