Happy Sees a Bullfrog

One day there was lots of water in the back pasture after a big rain storm.    You can hear the bullfrogs singing from miles away.  If you look really hard you can see their little heads poking up.  There is about 10 of them out here.  Their heads look like little black dots!  See them all?
There was so much water in the ditches, too.  The dogs were having fun carefully walking in the water.    There were LOTS of bullfrogs in the ditches as well ...
Cally and Happy start hunting for bullfrogs.  They can hear them.  They just can't see them ...but they know they're there.   Where are those pesky frogs??
Uh oh .... Happy sees a bullfrog!
...and he creeps closer ... and closer ... sloooowly .... and quietly ... stepping very gently ...the bullfrog keeps singing away .   He doesn't notice Happy creeping up on him.
OOPS ... now Cally sees the bullfrog, too ...she tries to get closer .... inch by inch ....
And all of a sudden SPLASH!  CRASH!!  JUMP!!!!!!   They both jump into the water after the bullfrog!   Go Cally and Happy!  Get that frog!!
 ...and then basically the bullfrog sat and watched as the two dogs got all freaked out when the water splashed up on them into their faces and they ran away out of the water. EEEEK!!!  WE'RE ALL WET!!!  Nobody caught the bullfrog.  He lived to sing another day.    Silly dogs ...

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