Hallelujah Huck

Purchased From Cedar Ridge in Spring of 2005 off an Internet Sale ....Huck was 16 years old when we bought him ...Cedar Ridge had too many horses and were cutting back.   He was one they put on the internet sale -

2004 Canadian National Reserve Champion Driving Horse and Country English ATR

SEVERAL Championships in Open English and Country English

Sometimes it's worth taking a risk on the internet. The picture at the right was all we saw before we bought him. everybody told us not to buy him because there was probably something wrong with him.   Yep ... there's something wrong with him - he never loses!    He had never had a costume on until we bought him. He has now been in over 20 parades.  He's performed at the Iowa Horse Fair and North Iowa Horse Expo as the 'official' Arabian horse. He's been entered in Liberty at several fun shows and is currently UNDEFEATED.  He has run barrels and poles. He was strung up with electric Christmas lights and dressed in Red in 10 degree weather and ridden in the local lighted Christmas Parade. Huck has done it all ! :o)   

North Iowa Horse Expo -  Krystle Riding - This was the FIRST DAY we owned Huck - and the very first time he ever wore a costume.  We picked him up at Cedar Ridge that morning .... drove him straight to the Horse Expo ... threw a costume on him to see what he'd do ... rode him in the Arab Breed Demo that evening.    

 Several people followed us back to the stalls to find out more about him.    There were team penners penning cattle right next to him, about 50 mini horses in buggies driving around, Draft Horses pulling carts, Donkeys hee-hawing, 4H kids riding crazy all over the fairgrounds.  Huck never missed a beat....

 Memorial Day Show 2005 with Kelly and Erin riding ...

More 2005 Memorial Day Show - Erin Riding

Kenny drives Huck at the Memorial Day Show -- Kenny is 82 years old


 Mason City Show - Huck won the costume class, won liberty, won all the English classes .... then ran barrels, poles, and the stake race. Krystle Riding

 2005 Dumont Days Parade (Huck's First Parade) - Kelly Riding - He had NO CLUE what was going on ...ears up all the time!

 Latimer Parade - Kelly Riding - followed a full band on a flatbed trailer ... and a group of pom pom girls shaking their pom poms at him ... Huck is starting to get used to all the weird things you see at a parade ...

 Blackhawk Show - Champion Country English Horse .... Champion Costume Horse

 Butler County Fair Parade - Kelly Riding (This parade had a helicopter hovering a few feet overhead ....)

 Clarksville Pioneer Days Parade - Kelly Riding - This parade we were put in the front of all the horses to lead ...lots of firetrucks and sirens and huge BOOMS going off in this parade .... VERY loud ...

2006 Dumont Days Parade - Huck has learned what a parade is and now LOVES when the people clap when he walks by .... he turns his head and nods at them as if to say "Thank You" ..."Yes, I know I am very pretty" ... "Thank You very much" ... :o)   He is very careful if any kids run out into the road to pet him.   We've had little kids run out and grab his leg and hug him.  He stops and makes sure not to move until their mom or dad comes out to get them.

Erin takes a spin on Huck

Kenny Driving Huck

Pictured here Huck and Barexi (another horse previously with Cedar Ridge) at the Lighted Holiday Parade in Hampton.   Kelly on Huck .... Krystle on Barexi.      I bought several strings of battery operated light strings .... strung them along the reins and sewed them into the edges of our Santa outfits and on our hats.   I sewed pockets into the hats and the jackets to hold the battery packs.     We looked like something right out of the movie Electric Cowboy!   We had more lights on us than any other entry in the parade.    We pulled the two horses out of the pasture after dark .... hauled them to town ... it was snowing and 10 degrees outside.  The saddle leather was frozen ... When we turned the lights on, the horses were scared of us and didn't want us to get on.    We finally mounted and the parade marshall moved us to the HEAD of the parade AHEAD of the fire engine blasting his siren and blaring out Jingle Bells .... neither horse wanted to walk forward because the road was pitch black and shadows were everywhere PLUS the snow had made the pavement really slick.   They were slipping and stepping really carefully ....while we were both kicking and kicking and kicking to try to get them to move!  Then Huck saw the crowds on the side of the road up ahead and he instantly knew it was a parade.    He put his head up ... totally changed his gait ... and confidently led that parade with Barexi at his side... Bowing at the crowd as they clapped and yelled for him.    That parade lasted a whole 10 minutes.   We were FREEZING when we got done and both decided WE ARE NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN!!!!

 Rock Falls Parade - Krystle Riding - lots of squirt guns in this parade ...

 Bristow Days Parade - Kelly Riding

Huck has performed in the 2006, 2007, and 2008 Iowa Horse Fairs as one of the official Arabian demo horses.  He's had tons of kids petting him and sitting on him during these fairs.

Huck pictured Third from the left ....Donna B riding

Huck at the 2008 Horse Fair with Erin ...
Huck at the 2009 IaAHA Spring Show with Erin...
Champion Costume Horse!!
Huck beats Ricci Dee!!
Huck didn't go in any parades in the summer of 2009 but he did participate in the 2009 Hampton Light Parade ..... I know, I know .... even after we said we'd NEVER do that again.   We did!!   Here are pics of Dani and Tory in that parade in 2009 -- he is 20 years old.
Huck participated in lots more parades in 2010....
Breanna rode him in the Greene River Days Parade ....... Brandon rode him in the Coulter Days Parade ....
Dani rode Huck in the green costume in the Shell Rock and Clear Lake 4th of July Parades and Tory rode him in the Thornton Parade
Tory also rode Huck in the 2010 Franklin Country Parade -- the first parade we wore dresses in!!  :o)
....and once again, Huck proudly walked in BOTH the Iowa Falls and Hampton Light Christmas Parades in 2010.  ...even though we have said twice now that we'll NEVER ride in another COLD LIGHTED CHRISTMAS PARADE! Hahahaha!! 
2011 Bristow Days Parade with Crystal Fink riding, 2011 Franklin Country Fair Parade with Krystle riding, and the 2011 Greene River Days with Krystle riding ...
2011 Meservey Parade with Brandon riding ....and the Waterloo Sturgis Falls Celebration Parade with Krystle riding.
Huck teaches Brandon how to ride .....
Huck was a bunny in the 2012 Clarksville Pioneer Days Parade with Josie Cable riding... He was decked out in blue and pink at the 2012 Coulter Parade with Krystle riding, and in pink and purple at the 2012 Dumont Sandbaggin' Days Parade  with Dani riding....
...and decked out all in red for the 2012 Ellsworth Extravaganza with Dani riding and in the 2012 Humboldt 4th of July Parade with Krystle riding...

Huck is one of the best horses we've ever owned ....and we hope he lives many more years so we can add lots of pictures to this page!





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