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We tried on some different outfits today to see if Gato would look nice in something other than an Arabian Native Costume.  This is a Spanish Dancing Costume that Dani wore last year to the Gold Star Auction.   I think it looks fantastic!

This is my saloon girl outfit I had -- Russ told me to keep my hair up with the red feather in it --- he said I looked like a Spanish Dancer.   Too bad my legs look like crap!! ...... I need a fuller skirt.

I rustled up a Wild West outfit and got an old rifle we had in the house to hold.  That thing weighed a TON!

Some of you may have heard that El Gato was gelded on May 21, 2010.   He is 10 years old and is the oldest stallion I've ever gelded.    Dr. Zach came out and did the deed.  Zach has done other stallions that were older than this and he said they came through it all ok.   It's harder on them than on the younger boys, though ..... takes a lot more time to heal. These pics were taken on May 29 (a week later).   You can see he dropped a little weight but overall came through everything ok.


He's still a little sore a week after his operation but that doesn't stop him from running around and playing ...

This horse plays with his tongue more than any other horse I've ever known ....

Hopefully we can get a little more weight on him before next weekend - our first parade Ackley Sauerkraut Days!!


Gato gets some new 'bling' for the parades ... and these pictures below DO NOT do it justice.

   His bridle and new breast collar SPARKLE like diamonds.  He looks FANTABULOUS!!   (They're both made of those real blingy Atlas belts ... these are made from blue square prism conchos ....WAY shiny. :o)

Kelly gets a matching outfit to go with El Gato's new blingy breast collar and bridle...

Learning how to lay Gato down & Kelly learns more dances with Indalecio (5/8/10) ...

Practicing carrying the flag out on the road in front of the house which color looks better on Senor Gato ??   The green is awfully pretty,.... hmmmmm......but so is the blue    .
....and purple is awesome!  ...but he looks so regal in gold, too!!
..... and then there's the more subtle tan and the turquoise is sharp with the saddle built right in...
 You all know my pick (Only REAL men wear pink!) ....This Pink one will ALWAYS be my favorite!!! I STILL vote PINK.
Senor Gato says "What is with all these little dogs everywhere?   What is this?  A dog pound??  Shoo, little dogs ...get away from me ....or I will stomp you."    (**Look at poor Shahn in the back ... he's looking out his door wondering how come that guy gets all the attention now .... that's not fair.....He's mad. )
Here's what it looks like out in the sun!!   So pretty!!!   I think Gato is embarrassed ....I think we'll try on the purple tomorrow!!    He is thinking .... "MY GOD WOMAN -- I AM NOT A BARBIE DOLL!!!!"
2010 IaAHA Spring Show
Kelly takes Gato out on Friday night to practice.   He bows to the fake audience .... she goes to practice the bow one more time and he suprises her by laying all the way down!!!   YIKES!!!!!
Indalecio says - "REMEMBER, HE IS A STALLION!  HE IS NOT YOUR PET!!"   (**Kelly has a hard time remembering this )
Christa helps Kelly give Gato a bath on Friday night.   THANKS CHRISTA!!!!  Gato loves all the attention from the girls.
Gato sees something scary outside the window and spooks -- Kelly tries to sqeeeeeze through the costume but I don't think he's feeling it ....
Russ helps Kelly practice the Spanish Walk in the warm up ring.
Erin snaps some shots outside the ring ...... Gato and Kelly wait for Jill to start the music.   :o)
Kelly has so much fun!  Gato tries to get the beat of the music but this song is so slow.   You can see on the video he is trying to step in time and then he tries to dance really slow to the beat but he just can't get it.  This is definitely not a dancing song.
Gato Spanish Walks back and forth in front of the audience with the flag.   He does a great job walking in beat with the music.   (I played this song over and over and over and over in the barn and left it running in the barn over night on 'repeat' --- Gato probably hears this song in his mind when he sleeps .... :o)
Kelly tries to bow at the end with the flag but I can totally see now why he didn't do it .... I'm leaning over in the saddle way too much.   Plus I know I was really nervous after him laying down on me the day before.   Part of me really didn't want to bow and I think Gato knew that.    :o)
Kelly talks to El Gato's fans out in the barn .... They have all kinds of questions about who trained him and what his cues were and how old he was and lots more stuff.   I think we'll make up "EL GATO" shirts and coffee mugs for all his fans now!!
Here's more video footage of the famous "El Gato" warming up on Friday night and of his performance on Saturday evening!!
2010 Iowa Horse Fair
Kelly and El Gato perform at the 2010 Iowa Horse Fair to the music "Tequila" and LaBamba"
Gato does all kinds of dances once he gets the beat....
He is having so much fun dancing to the music ... kelly is just sitting up there holding on letting him do his thing.
This is so much fun!!!
...and then they bow to the crowd and they go NUTS!!!!   what a fantastic Arabian presentation!!
...back at the barn a crowd has gathered waiting for the riders.  Kelly lets the kids sit up on Gato the famous dancing stallion.   El Gato is building up a fan club very quickly!!

Kelly learns to dance on Gato before Horse Fair...


September 2009 -- Kelly and Russ go and ride Gato and decide to buy him.


Gato knows all kinds of tricks ..... here he is laying down on command ... that is so cool!!

El Gato performs at the 2010 Coulter Days Parade...
Here we come!!  Gato is dancing away!!!
Gato is so pretty .....
Here we round the corner to main street .... Gato was dancing his heart out while everybody was watching.  Huck and Tess bring up the rear with Dani leading and Brandon and Breanna riding.  :o)
I love Gato ....
He's such a great horse ...
....oh, and I love Huckleberry and Tess too!! I can't forget them!!
After the parade Russ takes Huck and Tess home first ..... we all stay back and wait for him to come back on the second trip to pick up Gato.   Grandma (Kelly's mom) waits with us and holds Gato while he eats some grass ....
Lexi decides Gato is too special to have to get his own grass.  She gets down on the ground and picks his grass for him.   He was loving all the attention ..... he even nudged her a couple times when she was going too slow and wasn't picking grass fast enough for him.
Now Breanna plays with El Gato ....
At first I saw this picture and thought it was divine intervention ...... something happened to my camera to put that haze over Gato's head ..... I always thought he was special.   He really IS an angel!!
YES!  Here is proof!!   The haze is still there ...... always over Gato's head.  It's telling me something -- he is my guardian angel sent from heaven..... Oh wait a minute ..... there's a smudge on the camera lens.  JACK!! DO NOT PUT YOUR NOSE ON MY CAMERA!!  BAD DOG!!!    (**I still think Gato is my angel ...... even if that haze was just Jackie's nose print on the lens....:o)

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