2010 Clear Lake 4th of July Parade

On July 5th, 2010 we participated in the Clear Lake 4th of July Parade.  Dani rode Huck, Kelly rode Gato, and Tory rode Tess.
We got to Clear Lake plenty early since we'd never been to this parade before...
It was cool looking into the windows of the trailer and seeing three white horses lined up in a row.  :o)
Since Gato and Huck don't seem to get along we tied Gato to one side of the trailer .....
and Huck and Tess got tied to the OTHER side of the trailer.    Dani and Tory started getting ready when we got there...
Grandma had to pee and luckily .... there was a porty potty right next to where we were parked!   Excellent!!   On the way back from the bathroom, Grandma found a penny on the ground.   I told her not to pick it up because it was tails up and heads up is luckier.  She said she didn't care how lucky it was .... she was picking it up because even if it was a little luck .... she was going to take it.
The gang pose together ... grandma, Tory, Dani, and Sally.  The girls were goofing off all morning.
Now Kelly gets into the picture.
Grandma always packs snacks.   Tory and Dani decide to get some fruit .... mmmmm ... DANI!  Are you flipping me off?!!  STOP THAT!!!
Russ and Sally get in a little nap before the parade starts .... ok .... we're REALLY early to this one.    Even Gato is bored just standing there.  He tries to eat his tassles ....
Grandma starts to talk to Gato (she does that a lot lately ??? :o)    Then she gives Gato a treat so he will quit eating his tassles ...
A shot of the parade line up .... floats and entries lined both sides of the road ...
Up one way .... and down the other ....there were over 100 entries in this parade today.
Lots of things that would scare a horse ....
It's lucky we're parked a ways away from all this commotion .....
We had a PERFECT parking place for this parade.  We could see everything but were just far enough back that the horses couldn't.    EXCELLENT!!!
Russ got a shot of Kelly's fancy eyelashes.  :o)    Smile Gato!!
Kelly, Tory, and Dani mount up ...... looks like the parade is starting to move!!
We're ready to go!!
The girls head up to the road ....
The parade officials drove up and down to make sure everybody had everything they needed.    The one other horse entry in the parade went ahead of us.
We were the very last thing in the parade bringing up the tail end.
Here we go!
Oops .... I guess we weren't the very last thing.   Sally was our pooper scooper for the parade and she was the very VERY last thing in the parade.  Hahahaha!!
Everybody looks so pretty in their costumes!
Russ takes some shots of the other floats in the parade downtown ....
Here we come!  (**See Clear Lake in the back?)
The lake was so pretty even though the day was cloudy and overcast ....
Gato does his moves downtown .....
Everybody thinks the horses are pretty ....
Gato does his spanish walk for the crowd.
The whole gang --
The kids along the way want to come out and pet Gato when we stop along the parade route.   Gato is careful not to step on anybody's toes!!!
....and off we go again for some more dancing.    Tess and Huck are saying --- is this parade EVER going to be over?!
Gato loves the parade and he loves the kids clapping for him. 
A nice shot of the other horse in the parade.   Sally is wondering if this parade is about over, too.
This was the best parade we've ridden in this year so far.   Gato and I had so much fun!!
Dani looks so pretty in the green costume on Huck!
I sure love this horse ....
Here's a good shot of all three of us at the end of the parade.  All the people are picking up their chairs to go home and were crowding around us.  I guess it's time to go home!!

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