CCF Khahbeylla

In 2004 CCF Khabeylla aka "Barbie" was born.    She was owned by Dawn Labertew of Indianola, IA.   Dawn had purchased Barbie's mom, Khersti (Khemosabi Daughter) from Russ and Kelly in 2003.    It wasn't long after Barbie was born that Stephanie "Busch" Wetherall fell in love with her and purchased her from Dawn.
2005 Iowa Gold Star Futurity CHAMPION Auction Filly
Barbie went to the Gold Star Show as a yearling and WON the Auction Class
2005 Iowa Gold Star Futurity TOP FIVE Open Yearling Fillies with Austin Boggs
2005 Iowa Gold Star Futurity Yearling Auction Class with Jason Tackett (CHAMPION!)
Barbie went home with Stephanie her yearling year and stayed with Steph through 2007.   Russ and Kelly bought Barbie from Stephy in February of 2007.   They picked Barbie up from Stephy's house and brought her right over to Deb's house to start her under saddle to get her ready for the Gold Star Futurity show in the fall.  She was 3 years old
PHOTOS BELOW TAKEN ON 4/21/07 -- Approximately 120 days Training 3 years old measures 14.2 1/2 hh ...will definitely mature well over 15 hh
Stands quietly to be saddled and bridled...
Works well on the Lounge Line ....
Working now on lots of bending exercises to control shoulders ...
...still growing quite a bit ...back end is taking a growth spurt ... front end hasn't caught up yet ...
...standing quietly
We have a walk, trot, and lope already
Dismounting and unsaddling
A few days after the shots above were taken, Russ lost his job.    Kelly and Russ were forced to remove Barbie from training immediately to keep costs down.     They brought her home the end of April 2007.
Barbie comes home from training -- 4/29/07
Russ and Kelly threw Barbie out in the pasture when they brought her home.  She stayed there till July.   That's when Vicki and Duane George came to their house and instantly fell in love with her.  They bought her on the spot for $4,500.  They took her home the following weekend and Vicki let her sister Donna work Barbie to try to get her into shape for the Gold Star.   They entered her in two classes at the show ....
2007 RESERVE CHAMPION Hunter Junior Horse and RESERVE CHAMPION Hunter AATR ridden by Donna Burch 
Barbie went to Donna's house about 3 weeks before showtime.  Donna borrowed the hunt seat outfit because she had never shown Hunter before.   Barbie hit all her leads and did a wonderful job!!   Right after the show, Russ got another job and funds were flowing again.   Russ and Kelly immediately went and purchased Barbie back again from Vicki and George for $5,000.   Barbie came home to them in October 2007.
In 2008, Barbie was bred to Fausto CRH -- This was the 2007 Gold Star AUCTION Breeding
On April 25,2009 Barbie had a liver chestnut filly....
Barbie in June 2009
Right after we weaned the Fausto Filly off Barbie in July, she went to Hillside Ranch to go back in training with Sheena Ford.   We told Sheena to ride her and expose her to anything and everything 'spooky' --- get her ready for parade life.    In the meantime, while she was there Dani took riding lessons off her.    Here are a few pics we clicked of Barbie at Sheena's taken in August 2009.
Barbie came home in mid September.  We swapped her out with another mare we had just purchased that we wanted Sheena to break out.   Barbie has been living out in the pasture since then.   Dani has ridden her once since she's been home.   Barbie is offered FOR SALE right now.   We've purposely priced her very low in order to see her go to a nice family who will appreciate her and love her.
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