Belle Plaine Photo Shoot

About a month ago the coach of the Belle Plaine volleyball team wrote me to see if they could drive up (3 hours) to take some pictures with Rusty.     The girl's team saying for the year is "Over the Hump" so they thought they could take pics with a camel and make some neat posters for the year.     I told them SURE!!  That's an unusual request but what the heck -- Come on up!!  :o) here's what happened at the Belle Plaine Photo Shoot!!
The girls get here and are introduced to Rusty.   I asked them if they wanted to get in the pasture with him or if they wanted to just do the shots outside the fence.   Most people are intimidated by Rusty because he's a BIG, bull camel.    He's very sweet and wouldn't hurt a fly but it still is scary standing next to an animal of that size.   All three of them were really brave and said they'd try to get in the pasture with him for a while., here they are going up to Rusty really slow.
Here's a picture of one of the photographers with Rusty .... nice body clip job, huh?!   :o)
The girls get a little more comfortable with Rusty and get closer ...
NOW we're talking!  The girls line up in front of him .... hopefully they can photoshop out the Farm Fleet bucket!!
A really good one of the girls and Rusty ...
Ok, Rusty .... DROP THE BUCKET!    WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!!!!! You're ruining the picture!!!!! NOOOOO!!!
He finally drops the bucket and stands still for a while ....
Oooooo .... this is a good one!!
Rusty gets bored with pictures and starts to eat while the girls keep posing for the pictures ....
The girls follow Rusty and line up around him for more pics while he's eating.
Ok --- Rusty's done .... he starts walking away....
The girls are frustrated .... Rusty is NOT cooperating!!
...SO .... they start playing volleyball over him!!   Go Girls!!
Now here's the money shot --- OVER THE HUMP!!
When they get done playing they line up outside the fence and do some more shots with Rusty -- Hey ... is that Oopsie the mini mule and Festus the donkey in the background?  How'd you guys get in here?!
This is a nice one!!
More good shots!!
....and some more!!
At the end of the shoot, the girls give Rusty kisses.    Rusty LOVES the girls!!

Our Star!!  Rusty The Camel

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