2011 Christmas Pics

*Can't believe another year has come and gone!  It's time to break out all the Christmas decorations once again and transform this little house into the North Pole.   I'll load up pics as the season progresses and the decorations go up! :o)

First up are the garlands and lights that top all the windows, the entertainment center, and the fireplace .... and any other place that will hold garland ..... gets garland.  :o)  
Almost have the dining room finished up with lights and decorations ..... but there's never enough.   Always can fit in something more .....
Of course the Santas go up right away, too.  :o)   I haven't gotten a new Santa in many years but then again, I don't really have room for a new one so that's probably good .....I guess I could make a shelf and do a double decker display ..... there is still room up to the ceiling.  :o)   ....or maybe I'll just hang some snowflakes down over top of them to embelish this area this year.   Yeah ....that would be pretty.   :o)
Roger the Snowman gets a new hat this year! YAY!  Oh .... and a fancy new feather boa.  This is where the tree will sit when I finally break down and get it out.   That usually takes a whole day .... sometimes two to put together.  Haven't started on it quite yet.
A shot towards the computer desk .... all lit up....
Another shot of the dining room all lit up ....
A shot towards the organ .... Stripey and Baby Girl are in the doorway ... Jack laying down behind them.
A shot towards the fireplace (this year I only brought in one horse .... put the other one in the barn since it was getting too crowded.
A shot of the fireplace all lit up .... a shot of the stuff by the organ ....
Snowman .... Santa .... horse on table .....
Reindeer and sleigh all lit up ....
Another shot of the front room ....
Walking towards the kitchen and then a shot of the hallway to the bathroom all lit up .... Corky guards the dog food bowl ....
HO HO HO -- Snowman toilet .... :o)
Another shot of the bathroom in the other direction ....
Hallway lit up again and a shot of the kitchen .....
Back wall of the kitchen ...
Another shot of the kitchen wall.....
Kitchen at another angle ....
Kitchen again...
Barn all decorated up ..... I just now put Gato's pedestal back out -- had to take it away so he wouldn't get on it when his back was out.   He's doing much better now and hasn't limped in a while so I put it back out today.
Gato's stall ...... he gets to come out and play around the barn with the puppies while I'm decorating and working out there.
A shot of the stall across from Gato -- I made stockings for Huck, Tess, and Reymond for this stall even though they're out in the pasture.
Then I filled them with garland so it looked like they were filled with grass.  :o)
A close up shot of Tess's stocking ..... I wrapped the dog's hula hoop that they jump through ... a shot of the lighted horse out in the barn along with the decorated doorway.  :o)
The office wall all decorated up.
Gato checks out the lighted horse ..... Hey!  Who's that guy??
Whinnie's stall.   She gets to come out and play, too ..... just not while Gato's out.
I brought in all the stuff from the pasture outside since it's supposed to snow here anyday ..... so now the arena is filled back up with Gato's toys. :o) He's checking out the hoop.
Did some more decorating in the arena ..... found some bows on sale at Menards for $1 each so I strung garland all along the wall and then hung bows .... oh and I added silver garland to the big hoop, too.
Finally got all the lights to work on the lighted horse out in the barn...
Cally sits in the doorway and watches while I decorate the arena ....Gato checks out the bow on the hoop .... he say -- MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!
Now he checks out the cool little pedestal in the corner ..... and then back to the hoop.   Cally and Baby Girl have a little mouse trapped in the pole on the ground.    I kinda ran out of red garland halfway around the hoop .... oh well. 
There still must be a family of mice in that white fence rail ... those dogs are having a fit around that thing!!
Krystle came over this afternoon with Ben to ride Jake.  It was too cold to ride outside so she brought him into the arena with all the toys.   ..... and she's learning how to trick ride (she just got a DVD that tells you how to do some of the moves ...... she showed me what she's learned while I stood there and had a heart attack.)
...riding backwards, sideways, and upside down.
Then they rode through the hoop .... not an easy feat since Jake is a freaking MONSTER.  I didn't think they'd make it through without tipping it over!! 
  Krystle painted her old saddle white so it would look like a fancy trick saddle.  So far it works and it looks really cool!  I thought for sure the paint would rub off on her jeans but it didn't!!
Krystle and Jake
Russ and I added to the little lean to we built a couple years ago for the donkeys.  Now Huck and Tess are out with the donkeys and they had a hard time fitting in that little lean-to.   Now it's big enough for everybody!!   I need to get it painted in the spring.  
I haven't had much incentive to decorate too much outside the house.    So far I've only put out some greenery and bows and a few lights ..... not too much else.   
The puppies have been helping me this year.    Kiki and Boo Boo are on the porch .... Cally and Jack are at the bottom of the steps by Lucy (lab) .... and then Stripey Girl is in the yard sniffing out something.   I have a feeling Baby Girl is still in the arena looking for that mouse.....
Outside lit up
Outside all lit up (another setting on camera :o)
Swing close up
Tree finally went up .... still no ornaments on it, though.    Tree took over the corner so the fireplace had to move ....
Fireplace moves so now the reindeer and sleigh have to move .... geesh, one thing gets added and that messes EVERYTHING up!!
JACKPOT!  Found some 4th of July bows on sale for .25 cents each at Ace.   I'll put those away and pull them back out in July!!  :o)     OH .... last year I got a new door after 20 years ..... this year I got a new kitchen sink after 21 years.   :o)
Found some really neat peel and stick Christmas signs for $1 each at Menards .... I put one out on Gato's stall.   It stuck pretty well considering all the dust out there!!
Tree is almost all decorated .... just missing tinsel....
Got a couple new 'Christmassy' dog beds yesterday at walmart ....
Lucy thinks she can fit into one even though they're for LITTLE DOGS!! Lucy! You're so silly!!
Tinsel's on the tree ..... everything is all done!!
Presents are all wrapped .... only 18 days til Christmas!!  (**Cally looks excited sitting in the doorway!!  :o)
Another view of the dining room all decorated.  :o)
My two little elves showed up this morning to decorate cookies.   We had over 200 cookies to do so we needed to focus to get them all done!
It was like the North Pole around here today -- we did Santas, Reindeer, Camels, Horses, Christmas Balls, Stockings, and Christmas Trees.
The girls have done this for years so they whipped through all these cookies!  Even little Jack is up helping out while Dani does the pink Gatos ....
I was worried that I wouldn't have any room to set out over 200 cookies in this little house to dry ... especially when there are 11 dogs running around in here with us.  Where can we put all these cookies??  I found some old styrofoam peices that we used in the haunted barn (these are my old castle walls!! :o) I covered them with wax paper and parchment paper and then put them on the washer and dryer and made lightweight baker's racks -- WALLA!  Room for all the cookies to dry between layers!!
We managed to get a little over 200 cookies decorated in only 4 hours today.   WOW!   oh ... I kind of burned some of the horses but instead of throwing those out I kept them so the white ones are little Gato's and the brown ones are little Reymond's - they're chestnut horses.  :o)
 Keep clicking back to see new pics as I load them this year!   :o)
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