2010 Greene River Days

We all decided to participate in the big "Greene River Days" celebration on Saturday, June 19th (Russ's Birthday!! :o) so we started getting ready the night before ....
The kids came over on Friday night and washed all the white horses.    Here's a shot of them washing up Gato .... and Russ took a couple shots of Kelly's new "El Gato - The Spanish Dancing Horse" shirt all blinged out.
Lexi got another lesson on Tess with Dani teaching.   Dani put her on a lunge line this time.    We found a saddle that fits Lexi so now she has stirrups and she can balance up there so much better ..... she even trotted!!  Tess is such a great horse.   (Thank you Lori and Victor for letting her live with us!!)
Gato stands tied to his stall to dry before he gets put away for the night.  Lexi gives him treats ..... but all the puppies want treats, too.   I still can't believe he doesn't stomp those dogs.   He's so patient with them...
It's PARADE DAY!!    The kids got to the house at 7am and off we went!!    Here is a shot of Lexi in her costume.   Isn't she beautiful?!!
Lexi tells Tess to look at the camera ...... Tess isn't listening to her ....
Brandon helps the girls tack up the horses then he gets the "El Gato" candy buckets filled with candy to throw to the kids.  Brandon is going to walk alongside the girls today and throw candy to the kids...
Now Breanna is ready in her purple costume!   She's riding Huck today and they look GORGEOUS!!!
Another shot of Breanna with Hallelujah Huck in purple ....... the girls are going to blow away in their costumes.   It was a beautiful day -- a nice breeze was blowing.   A great day for a parade.   Uncle Russ is in the background on his phone ..... AGAIN.   I swear that phone is attached to his ear...
The walking crew today.    Brandon is going to throw candy while Kelly and Dani lead the girls through the parade since it's their very first time riding in a parade.    Gato isn't here today but he sure is in spirit with the El Gato t-shirts and candy buckets.  :o)
LOTS of horses are here at the parade.    This family was parked right next to us.   They had a team of black and white pinto ponies that pulled a cart and the rest of the family rode their horses.
Hey Brandon!!  Wake up!!! .... This was a really pretty Morgan Horse that was at the parade with the Cowboys For Christ people that came to ride.   Here is that Morgan with the girl that was riding him.   So pretty!!!
This little boy got a ride on his sister's pony (....and I took WAY too many pics of them..... he was so cute!! :o)
Now you behave with my little brother up there!!!
Here was the other brother on his pretty grey Quarter Horse.   Are your stirrups ok??   Are you listening to me?!!    Ok .... I'm just going to fix them anyway .....
This family must go to a lot of parades --- they looked so good ....and the little girl on board actually drove those ponies in the parade!!
Here's a shot of the Cowboys for Christ gang.  They had that pretty Morgan Horse and a chocolate palomino pony that wore a hot pink halter.   Then the mom and dad both rode two really pretty mules .... they said they were from Greene and they go to a lot of trail rides.   They don't do do many parades, though.  Just this one ....
Kelly and Breanna get ready to go to the line up with Tess.   BRANDON!  QUIT EATING ALL THE CANDY!!!!!
Here's our gang all ready to go.    Three walkers and two gorgeous riders in Arabian Native Costumes.
The ponies are all ready to go, too!!   Now we just have to wait for the parade to start .....
HERE WE GO!!!   The Marines made up a really neat float .....
Is that a goat?!!
This was an old horse drawn Hearse from the 1880's.    These guys travel to a lot of parades with this hearse.   They were with the Reid Funeral Home people.  They had three hearses -- two motorized and this old horse drawn one to show people how hearses have changes over the years.
They said they still actually use this hearse from time to time when clients request it.  I told Russ if I die in the next few years, I want him to go to these guys and have them haul me to the funeral in this --- only I want two white horses pulling it.  :o)    We all thought it would be neat for them to put that little boy in the back so he could pop up and wave at people out the windows ..... but then that may have freaked people out.    This thing sure would have been cool at the haunted barn wouldn't it?   With Abe pulling it??    oh yeah .....  :o)
More entries in the parade go by ..... this was a LOOOOOOOONG parade.  There were TONS of floats and things in it.
Ok!   It's finally time for the horses!!
Look at all the horses!!    They let us go first .....
Everybody kept asking me ....."Are you sure you're going to make it walking through the whole parade?!!" ..... but they said it was only 7 blocks.   I can walk 7 blocks.   Don't worry about me ...... I'll be fine ......
Off we go ..... Kelly taught Lexi how to do the "queen wave" by cupping her hand and twisting it side to side .... Lexi is having fun waving to everyone .... The horses and the girls look beautiful!!
Um ..... are we about done?   I remember city blocks to be a lot shorter in the old days ..... 7 blocks is like 700 miles  ..... GEESH!  When is this parade going to be OVER??!!!   Ok you guys --- I'm going to have a heart attack .... I need to pull over and rest ...... Brandon, go tell the rest of the horses to pass us .....
....so the ponies and the rest of the horses go by us.  We pulled off to the side of the road the railroad tracks to rest .....PHEW!  I think I'm going to die ......
....the flag guys bringing up the rear asked -- "Are you guys ok??" ..... We told them .... we're just taking a little break.   They told Kelly there was only 2 more blocks left .....

Will she be able to make it to the end of the parade???

YES!!   Kelly rested for a little bit and they were back out on the road walking the last two blocks.  :o)   YAY!!!   Kelly made it through the whole parade!!    ....but she told Dani to call her Dad and tell him to get his butt over across town with the truck and trailer to pick them up cuz there is no way they're going to make it walking ALL THE WAY back to the bus barn.  Kelly WILL have a heart attack if we do that.    (I cut my capri shorts up the side to keep them from getting too tight when my leg swelled way up......and yep, it swelled up.   BUT I MADE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE PARADE WALKING!!!  There is no way I would have been able to do that last year.   :o) 
....yep, we had tons of fun.  Russ came and rescued us with the truck and trailer across town.  We loaded up and headed home.    Everybody had a blast.  Nobody fell off.  Kelly never had a heart attack.   Yep ....... Life is good.   :o)

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