2010 Franklin County Fair Parade
Kelly and Gato; Tory and Huck; Dani and Tess all rode in the Franklin County Fair Parade on July 13, 2010.
The girls decided to wear spanish dancing dresses in this parade instead of their Arabian Native Costumes...
The kids wore their new El Gato t-shirts ...... and doubled as El Gato's cracker jack security team to keep all our fans from mobbing us.   (**Hahahahaha!)
Here comes the horses ready to be loaded ... Tess ... then Huck ... then last but not least - EL GATO.
After we arrive our security staff helps secure the area and keep the fans away ....
Dani and Tory look so pretty in their sparkly dancing dresses!! .... Kelly, Russ, and Breanna get Gato ready to go!
The kids help get the horses tacked up and ready to ride ....
Brandon holds Huck while Dani gets ready .... Kelly and Russ work on strapping Gato's neck garland on.
The horses stand so quietly while we get ready.   Kelly gives Gato a kiss for being such a good boy.
Huck gets his neck garland put on ....
Tess is all ready to go ... Here she poses with the girls --
Kelly and Gato are ready .... now we just wait until it's time to get on.
Each horse has their own neck garland with blue flowers and their name and logo on each ...
Russ gets the truck unhooked so he can drive in front of the girls in the parade ...
He almost has the truck unhooked .... signs are on ..... radio is ready to go to play music for Gato during the parade.
Here's a shot of a couple other riders at the parade ...
The line up for this parade is HUGE!!!
Now Gato's fans start coming up to pet him ..... Wow!  Look at that blingy bridle!!!
Lots of people come up to pet Gato --
Princess Riviera poses with Sir Gato .....
A whole herd of Buckskins arrive at the parade ....
WOW!  That's a lotta buckskins!!
Hey!  It's Israel riding one of those buckskins.  Israel used to help at the haunted barn when he was little.   He's sure gotten a lot bigger since we saw him last!!
More riders in the Franklin County Parade.
Ok .... time to mount up ..... Kelly gets on first.
The other two girls mount up.   Russ takes pictures while the kids crawl on the ground growling like bears to try to get everybody's ears up.  Come on Tess .... don't be so grumpy --- get your ears up!!
There we go.  Everybody is looking at us funny but the growling, crawling bear trick really works!
Tess and Huck look like twins!!   ..... another shot of the buckskins ....
Yikes .... this parade is NEVER going to get going!!
We patiently wait in the line up .....
Ok, we're off.  It's our turn to get into the parade ...... uh oh, this looks like a stampede ... Huck and Tess are NOT happy.
Dani tells the kids to BACK OFF .... Please stay back and don't crowd us ....
The little kids on the buckskins can't keep their horses back so Dani and Tory create a barricade to keep them off Kelly while Gato dances.
The girls decide this is NOT going to work through the whole parade so they tell Russ to pull to the side and they have all the other horses pass the black truck and go ahead of us.
THERE!  MUCH BETTER!!!  Nobody but a van and a couple floats are behind us ....
We can perform so much better now.  Gato even does a couple bows for the crowd.
Hi John!!   (*John brought Lexi, Breanna, and Brandon to the parade today so they could help us then he went and found a seat to watch the parade.  That was Brandon and Breanna's friend with him.)
Here we come up the road! (Kerry took these pictures .... see the kids sitting in the back of the truck?)
Here's a picture of us from the side (kerry took the pics and cut our heads off but at least you can see what the dresses looked like all spread out)   Now I see why they line those Native Costumes .... in case your horse starts to sweat a lot ..... eeewwww...... I have a little sweat problem on Gato.    Ol' Huck is nice and cool with Tory's dress.
Here's a shot of Dani's dress from the side and another one of the girls from the back as we ride by ....
Ok ... parade is over .... this is the last turn ... no more smiles.  We're all really tired and hot and sore.  ...and we want to GET OFF!!
We find the closest empty lot and have Russ unpin all our skirts so we can get off these horses .....then Russ and Brandon take the truck back to the high school and hook up the trailer to come pick us up so we don't have to ride clear back across town again.
Breanna helps Dani unzip her boots and take them off before she gets off ....
Tory thinks that's a good idea and takes off her boots.     Ahhhhh ....Dani says "My feet are killing me!" ... Huck says "Eeww!  Stinky Feet!!"  
Tess does the Captain Morgan pose ...again.     Tory and Huck wait for Russ to come with the Trailer.    Lexi feeds the horses grass while we wait for Russ and Brandon to come get us.
Tess is so pretty when she puts her ears up -- Breanna patiently waits for Uncle Russ -- HERE HE COMES!! YAY!!
Tess was our hero today.    We couldn't get any of the horses to cross the last set of railroad tracks so we told Breanna to go tell Uncle Russ to stop the truck and come back to lead us over the scary, evil railroad tracks.    Dani said -- No Worries!! I got this!!  ..... and she pulled Tess up to the tracks where Tess was freaking out .... whipped her around backwards ..... and carefully BACKED Tess over the scary tracks so she couldn't see where she was going.   WALLA!   It worked!    She's over.   ...and of course once one goes over .... then they all go over.    so Gato followed and Huck was close behind.    Tess and Dani saved the day --- they are our heros.  YAY TESS! YAY DANI!!!!
We got home and Kelly and Dani put the horses away in their dresses ..... Sir Gato was sweating really bad from dancing so much so Kelly hoses him off before putting him back in his stall.
The sign of a true farm girl.    Russ told Dani to unload the shavings in the back of her truck so instead of changing into work clothes first she climbs into the back of her truck (notice no shoes -- her boots are still in the trailer) ....Brandon asks her if she wants him to grab them from her from the truck.  Heck no!  Stand back .... I'll throw 'em into the door for you.   ....and alley oop!  there they go .... into the door.   Now THAT"S a true farm girl -- dress and all.  :o)

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