2010 Coulter Days Parade

On June 26th, Brandon and Huck, Breanna and Tess, Kelly and Gato, Lexi and Dani participated in the Coulter Days Parade.
Since Coulter is so close (only 5 miles away from us) ....Russ made two trips.   We had a problem loading Gato up with Tess in heat last weekend (that's why he stayed home from the Greene Parade) ...... so this weekend we brought Huck and Tess over on one trip then Russ went back home and got Gato.    Here is Russ and Dani unloading Huck and Tess and Breanna setting out all the costumes.
Breanna gets the black and blue costume out .....Dani and Russ get all the saddles out ...
Brandon gets dressed up in the black and gold costume like Prince Charming again .... Breanna changes her clothes and turns into a beautiful princess!
Lexi didn't want to put the silver pants on that went with the costume so we improvised .... we took the stretchy blue sequin tube top that she wore last weekend as a top and made it into a mini skirt ..... a couple of pins here and there and WALLA!    A flashy matching costume to Breanna and Tess!   OH .... and Lexi wanted to lead a dog during this parade AND throw candy.    We thought Jack was the best candidate for that task.   Jack got all dressed up in his very own silver, black , and blue costume complete with tassles to walk with Lexi.  
The kids were going to ride by themselves this weekend but Tess was still a little nervous and Breanna was a little nervous, too ...... so Dani walked with them for moral support just in case something happened.
Here they are ready to go!!   Brandon decided it would be a lot cooler if he took his t-shirt off ..... it was 90 degrees out.   PHEW!    I think he looked even more authentic with his shirt off.  :o)
Here we go!   We were at the back of the parade.  The only thing behind us was the fire truck.   Gato was leading .... Lexi was right behind ... then Brandon and Breanna with Dani leading.
Um ..... where's Jack?!! Lexi doesn't have a dog anymore!! Oh yeah ..... he quit about 2 blocks into the parade.   He laid down in the shade and wouldn't get up.   Lexi got so frustrated she had to pick him up and carry him AND the two buckets of candy.  Uncle Russ was on the corner taking pics so she dumped Jackie with him -- I don't think she will ever want to lead a dog again .... :o)   Russ said Jack laid down and immediately went to sleep -- that was WAY too much exercise for him.
Here we come!!  Gato is dancing away!!!
Gato is so pretty ..... here's another shot of Lexi with the candy buckets ...
Here's how we came down the road....I was in the lead then Lexi was throwing candy then Huck and Tess brought up the rear with the Prince and Princess aboard.   :o)
Huck was doing so well that Brandon rode him by himself most of the parade .... it was just Tess that was a little bit squirrely and needed some 'assistance'.  
Here we round the corner to main street .... Gato was dancing his heart out while everybody was watching.
I love Gato ....
He's such a great horse ...
....oh, and I love Huckleberry and Tess too!! I can't forget them!!
Good ol Huck and Tess.     The kids do an awesome job riding in this parade.  :o)
So pretty ....just like a fairy tale ...
After the parade Russ takes Huck and Tess home first ..... we all stay back and wait for him to come back on the second trip to pick up Gato.   Grandma (Kelly's mom) waits with us and holds Gato while he eats some grass ....
Lexi decides Gato is too special to have to get his own grass.  She gets down on the ground and picks his grass for him.   He was loving all the attention ..... he even nudged her a couple times when she was going too slow and wasn't picking grass fast enough for him.
Now Breanna plays with El Gato ....
At first I saw this picture and thought it was divine intervention ...... something happened to my camera to put that haze over Gato's head ..... I always thought he was special.   He really IS an angel!!
YES!  Here is proof!!   The haze is still there ...... always over Gato's head.  It's telling me something -- he is my guardian angel sent from heaven..... Oh wait a minute ..... there's a smudge on the camera lens.  JACK!! DO NOT PUT YOUR NOSE ON MY CAMERA!!  BAD DOG!!!    (**I still think Gato is my angel ...... even if that haze was just Jackie's nose print on the lens....:o)

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