2010 Clarion Parade

We're all going to the big parade in Clarion on Saturday, June 12.   It's Teddy Bear Days and the parade is at 10:30am.   Lexi is going to ride Tess, Dani is going to ride Huck, and Kelly is going to ride Gato.    So Friday night (the day before the parade) Lexi comes over to practice on Tess.   Lexi is 10 years old.
Lexi rode a horse last year in camp.   She remembers what they told her there but Dani shows her some new things like how to hold the reins and how to tell Tess to turn and stop and go.
Lexi's feet don't reach the stirrups so she has to balance up there for now ....
...by the end of the night she was riding Tess all by herself and doing GREAT!!

The kids were at the farm at 6:30am the next morning .....Breanna and Dani go out to get Tess out of the pasture to give her a bath.
Dani and Russ made cute little "EL GATO The Spanish Dancing Horse" candy buckets for Brandon and Breanna to carry to throw candy while they're walking --- they have black handles and white handles!!   How Cute!!    ...the kids are having a hard time getting motivated at 6 in the morning -- they can't wake up.
...even the puppies think this is WAY too early in the morning!!!
Uh oh ..... It started raining outside so the kids tied Huck and Tess up in the arena and started brushing them ... too wet outside.
WAY too many dogs!!   ....now it's really storming outside ....
Kelly, Dani, and the kids all made the decision to call it and not go to the parade because of the weather.  It is raining so hard that they can't even hear themselves talk in the arena.    Thunder and lightning is terrible.    SO -- instead of wasting the morning, they decided to saddle up and ride in the arena!  Kelly helps Lexi and Brandon ride Huck.
Lexi is already good at riding Tess because she was here practicing last night so she rides her by herself now.   Dani explains to Brandon how to ride Huck.   He's pretty hot from the thunder and lightning booming outside.
Huck starts to settle down a little bit so Brandon was able to ride him all by himself.
The kids are riding all by themselves now without Kelly or Dani at their side!
...so now they decided to dress everybody up!   Kelly's been working on making new tassles for the blue and black costume.  Not all are done yet --- just the breast collar and the back tassles ...... how pretty!
The kids wanted to dress up too --- Breanna looks like a princess in blue!  Brandon looks like Prince Charming on his white horse in the stunning black and gold costume.    Look how handsome Huck and Brandon are.
The two kids lined up in the arena side by side.   Sure wish it wasn't raining so we could go to a parade today!!
Oh my gosh -- look at Lexi in her gorgeous green outfit!!   SO STUNNING!!!   Tess can pull off Blue OR Green..... (but it was too hard to change the bridle so that's why she has a blue bridle on still (we're lazy....)  :o)
Dani and Breanna are having way too much fun.   Brandon takes off his gold costume and jumps on Tess.   Breanna and Tess are hamming it up for the camera!
We take the costume off Huck and Breanna jumps on him to try him out.   Even Happy takes a ride on Huck!!
Hey!   He wants to ride Tess, too!!  So Breanna gives Happy a ride on Tess ..... silly Happy.
Twins.   Can you tell which one is which??
After the kids leave Kelly gets Gato out to play.    He dances and bows  ......
he is so pretty and white ..... all ready for the parade they were going to .....
Well ... he WAS pretty and white ..... oh well.

 Ok ...... rained out another weekend.   Last Saturday we were going to Sauerkraut Days in Ackley --- but was rained out.   This weekend was Clarion Teddy Bear Days --- but was rained out.    Next Saturday we're going to attempt to go to Greene River Days.   All of the kids will be going with us.    Cross your fingers that it doesn't rain!!!

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