2010 Christmas Pics

*There are a LOT of pics on this page.  If your computer stops loading them, click on the REFRESH button over and over until they all load up.  :o)

It's neat to see how each year the decorations come out and transform this tiny, little house into a festive wonderland.    ....or it just looks like an episode of Hoarders and this is an episode of the crazy Christmas decoration hoarder......me.   :o)
The puppies all napping on the couch .... Corky is in her doggie bed ..... while General Hospital is on tv ....
A shot of the front room as it continues to morph into Santa's workshop!!
More shots of the living room ..... Corky still sleeping .... I added a new lighted horse to go with the other one by fireplace ....
The corner BEFORE the tree went up ....Santa looks near-sighted !!
Now I have a sleigh to go with the LED Reindeer I got last year!  Yay!!  More decorations!!!
A shot of the tree..... revolving motor broke this year.   Too much stuff on the tree ..... overheated and won't turn this year.   Dang it.....
saw on Martha Stewart that you should put a big bow on your wall and put your Christmas cards on it .... so I did.
Another shot of the Christmas tree in the corner ..... a shot of the big bow with all the cards on it ....
Santa Collection - 2010
I sent this shot into KCCI's Channel 8 Light/Decoration Contest and won a $50 gift certificate to Nobbies!  ....and I got my picture and name on the 5:00 news!!  :o)
Um ..... I wonder why all the fuses keep blowing??  :o)   A shot of the HUGE pine cones that John sent me that I sprayed with spray adhesive and doused in glitter .... SO PRETTY!!!
Buddy takes a nap in the Christmas House ....
A close up of the two white horses by the fireplace.  :o)  I changed up the mane this year and gave them silver manes and tails instead of the gold they had last year.  
Baker's Rack in the kitchen ....
Was bored one day so I wrapped the ceiling fan in the living room with garland and hung snowflakes from it .... then I hot glued peppermint candies together and hung them from the kitchen fan.
Another shot of the dining room all lit up ..... so festive!!
A shot of the picture window in the kitchen this year .....
The Christmas Kitchen - 2010
Cupboards are all wrapped up again .....
I painted the hallway blue this year .... for something different.   :o)  I like it!!
The festive bathroom .... :o)
Snowman toilet ....Snowman lights around mirror that change colors when the lights are off.
One of the centerpeices I put together for a while.  I changed my table centerpeices a lot this year .....
We decided to do homemade Christmas cards with Gato and a couple of the puppies .....
Um .... yeah ..... that wasn't as easy as I thought it would be .... NOBODY was cooperating and it was FREEZING OUTSIDE!!!
I didn't think we were EVER going to get a good shot that we could use.   Dani's fingers were freezing trying to get something we could use ..... she's such a good sport. :o)
AAAAHHHH!!!!  .....well, we did finally get one and our cards looked great.   :o)
2010 was a bad year for snow.   LOTS and LOTS of snow fell.  I think I was outside shoveling more than I was inside this year!!
I spent most of my days just trying to keep the barn opened up ..... the puppies would get buried in the drifts if they didn't follow the pathways!!
Russ tried to help me on the weekends ....
It was a BITCH trying to get out to the Donkey pasture to feed and water them with all the snow but we made it through somehow.   :o)
Even Gato was knee deep in drifts most of the winter!!
I made Gato two fancy, new Christmas halters and had time to decorate the barn up nice.  :o)
All the stalls got topped with garland and each stall door had a nice bow.  I've gotta get bigger stockings next year!!
Our cookie decorating days at Grandma's ..... Krystle, Dani, Grandma and I made DOZENS of cookies in 2010.
The favorite cookie in 2010 :  Pink Gatos :o)
Krystle is being a pest ....
Second favorite cookie this year --- Trees ... Mmmmmmm ......
Day after Christmas ..... the frost in the trees is so pretty!!
More farm pics the day after Christmas...... llamas are wondering where the heck their food is??!!
A shot of the front of the house .... no blow ups this year .... I never got them out before the snow came and then it was too deep to get them on the ground.
Baby Girl gets a new Santa outfit ....awwwww ..... this is the year I found little GATO ornaments complete with the pink feather on his head!!   I bought everybody in the family one for their tree!!!!!  :o)
I spent a lot of time working with Gato learning some new tricks out in the barn over the winter .....
We participated in TWO Christmas parades in 2010.   Here are the girls practicing for the first parade.  I made Huck a new red bridle so Krystle wanted to try it on before we took him to town.  :o)   Dani thinks it's WAY too cold out to ride.
I took one of Dani's old prom dresses and decided to turn it into a Christmas Parade dress.   It started out pretty plain ..... but I sewed some white fur and feathers to the trim and added some crystal snowflake ornaments to it and WALLA!   PERFECT!!!!! :o)
A shot of the Christmas dress in the process of transforming ..... and a shot of the three outfits hanging in the dining room .... I had to fix all of them after each parade because lights were falling off and feathers were leaking everywhere.   :o)
I think we looked FABULOUS!!  This is a shot of all three of us at the Hampton Lighted Parade .... We started at Harriman Park and rode all the way up Hwy 65 into town.   It was so cold that night ..... I thought we were going to die.    Man, we do some stupid things .....
Here's a shot of us at the Iowa Falls Lighted Parade.  The kids (Brandon, Breanna, and Lexi) came with us and handed out candy canes ahead of us.   I think we were a hit!  ...and it wasn't that awful cold out for this one.   We had a lot of fun!
A shot of Dani and Krystle downtown Iowa Falls ...... a shot of all of us three heading down the road.  You can see all the lights I have sewn into the girl's costums .... I have some new LED lights on my white fur stole.  and the new 'el  wire' (electroluminescent wire) around the bottom of my dress.  :o)
Gato and I dancing downtown Iowa Falls -- Lighted Christmas Parade 2010.
I started making some neat wreaths this year ..... blue for Dani ... white heart for Krystle and Ben to celebrate their first Christmas together .... and a neat peppermint pop for the kitchen!!
They were so easy to make that I went nuts and made a ton of them in all different colors!! :o)
Krystle and I spent one night ringing the bell for the salvation army outside of Fleet Farm in 2010.   We're hoping next year they'll let us bring Gato so he can do his tricks and ring the bells for the people while we're collecting money.  :o)  We'll see ......

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