2010 Bristow Days Parade

Gato & Kelly and Tess & Dani participated in the 2010 Bristow Days Parade on July 31.
They got there plenty early so there was no need to rush this time.   Dani dressed Tess in the blue costume and Kelly chose to try out the green costume this time.
Kerry brought three buckets of candy for us to throw.  THANKS KER!!  :o)
This time Tess got all the attention.   The kids came up to pet her and asked if they could sit on her -- Dani said SURE!!  Hop on!!    This could be a future costume rider .....
Gato and Tess are hot and kind of grumpy ....
All Gato cares about are those dang ponies driving around.  He's in love with them .....
Finally both horses put their ears up.  GATO! QUIT LOOKING AT THOSE PONIES!!!
Tess and Dani and Gato and Kelly ready to go!
Here are those darn ponies that Gato was so preoccupied with .....
Gato sticks his tongue out at the camera ....Dani is loaded up with candy to throw on Tess ...
Russ started taking pictures of the parade. This was a guy named Matt driving a gator...and the old Allison fire truck.
Only in Iowa do we have beautiful Pork Queens ... some kid on a bike (he came over later and asked me to make Gato do a trick ..... it was funny) ... lots of tractors in the parade ....
I saw this cute little dog on the side of the road and wondered if Russ would take a picture of him .... he did!  :o)
Our new friend -- The BEARCAT!!
My old high school friend, Barb (Konig) Ball, is the Bearcat's mom (she's riding in the truck).  Small world, huh?!   HI BARB!!!
We followed this big monster ..... it was really loud and they kept putting their hydraulic sprayers up and down.  Each time the air would release I was waiting for the horses to spook but they never did.   They were right up on top of him, too.  Didn't scare them a bit.
Here we come!
Gato is having fun.  Dani is winding up to throw some candy at the people on the side of the road....
Here's a shot of Gato smiling again ..... I don't know if he's really smiling but he makes the goofiest faces all the time and it sure looks like he's smiling.
Another shot of those ponies ..... and there was a couple other horses in the parade as well.
"Stop right there pardner! or I'll shoot!!" ... This little boy had a toy pistol and was pointing it at Russ taking the picture.    The little girl had the prettiest purple glittery chaps on.   I'm sure she will be a future rodeo queen.   I have a feeling mom and dad have their hands full with that little boy ..... hahahahaha!!!
Shear Elevator had a nice banner in the parade .....
Here's the rest of the Shear gang walking behind their banner.
....and old car (not sure who this is ...)
ok ... Russ walked up two blocks from where he was and saw the parade coming around again so he took some more pics of everything ...... AGAIN.     ....and here comes the Bearcat one more time!!! Hi Mr. Bearcat!!!!
....and here we come again ...
Gato always has his ears up ..... he loves parades!
Smiling again (middle picture) ......I liked that last picture - we even blink at the same time Hahahaha!!
Here's the Smiley Face Train Depot!!
All Aboard!!!
Ok ....parade is over.   Back to the trailer.   That was sure a fun one.  Saw lots of old friends.   It was nice and short -- good thing because it was awfully hot out.   Time to go home and hose off Sir Gato and Miss Tess.

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