2009 Lighted Christmas Parade

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On Thursday night, Dec 3rd 2009 we all decided to participate in the 2nd annual Lighted Christmas Parade in Hampton.    Call us crazy .... it was 20 degrees (4 degrees with wind chill) ..... snowing ..... but Dani and Tory were ready for an adventure!!  HERE WE GO!!!!!
We decided to bring Tess (a new mare we got from Lori and Victor R -- THANKS LORI AND VICTOR!! TESS IS GREAT!!!!! :o)  Tory is going to ride Tess and Dani is going to ride Huck (tied in back)
This year there were LOTS of entries in the lighted parade!!
I didn't get pics of everything --- I just clicked when I could.  My hands were FREEZING!!!!!  I'm surprised the camera didn't freeze up!!!  :o)
Oh my ... what PRETTY HORSES!!!   They look like SANTA TWINS!!!
Dani and Tory are thinking right about now ..... um, IT'S REALLY, REALLY COLD OUT HERE.   What in the heck were we thinking?!!!
Waiting for the parade to start ...
Breathe, Tory ....... Breathe ......  (**Did I mention that Tory has never ridding in a parade before .... did I mention that Tory really hasn't ridden that much in her life, PERIOD. ???    Yeah.   She's a wee bit nervous on Tess.    Did I mention Tess has never been in a parade before ??   Oh, quit worrying ..... they'll be fine ... :o)
...but just in case Russ will be close by.      Russ will save the day if something happens.  GO RUSS!! 
It looks like they're starting to move!   Are you ready girls?!!?
They're ready!!   Tory has things under control.  She loves Tess.... Dani concentrates.   Huck is being a buttman .... come on Huck .... settle down.  You're supposed to be the pro at this.    What's your problem?!!!
Here we go!   The girls get to the road.   It's kind of slick.    Still snowing.  The girls asked if Russ could walk next to Tory for a few blocks ..... no problem.   Russ is there for them.  (**See his feet on the other side of Tess?  :o) Oh, and I know, I know -- my pet peeve is people who take dirty horses to parades.    I know they're not the cleanest horses but it's freaking 4 degrees people.     These two live in the pasture.  The girls pulled them out .... brushed them up ... what you see is what you get.  They're white enough.  :o)
Wow!  Look at all the lights!!
Hang on Tory!!   Breathe!!   Relax ..... this is supposed to be fun, remember??!!
Where else would you see people coming out in 4 degree weather in the snow to watch a parade --- only in Iowa.  HAMPTON, IOWA ROCKS!!!  :o)
This is how windy it was out.   Look at Huck's tail blowing.   Oh yeah --- it was mighty cold out there.  :o)   Those girls are two tough cookies.  They both had 3 pairs of sweats on over their jeans .... two sets of gloves ..... I think Tory had 5 layers of shirts on ..... I know Dani had at least 3 shirts on including two turtlenecks (I don't know how they even got on those horses with all those clothes on!!!  :o)
Yep, another crazy horse owner braved the snow and cold and slick roads to come out for the parade.  Not sure who they were but they do a lot of lighted parades.    It was two little black ponies pulling a wagon.  We were the only entries that weren't in warm cars or trucks.    This confirms the rumour .... Horse people are psycho.
Another shot of the girls going down the road with the little team of ponies behind.    You can see Russ walking between the girls.   He's just about ready to let them go on their own.   Huck is starting to understand what's going on ..... he sees the people on the street ..... Tess is going to be a natural parade horse.   She's doing GREAT!!
Look at all the people!!
The girls are on their own down main street.  Huck and Tess look wonderful!!
There's Santa Claus again!!   I love Santa ......
Here comes the girls up the road...
Such pretty entries in the 2009 Lighted Christmas Parade.    The girls did an EXCELLENT JOB!!!   GO GIRLS!!
Riding down the back road to the trailer.   Russ has driven the trailer up from the park to the bank parking lot to load up there so the girls don't have to ride all the way back to the park.  Russ is such a good dad ....
Um ... when I said to get off BEFORE you go into the slick parking lot, I meant get off on the SIDE of the road --- not smack dab in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!  You guys ... GET OFF THE ROAD!!!!
Ok ... Russ finally notices that they're holding up traffic after the parade and moves everybody off the road.
Starting to snow a lot more ..... brrrrrrrrr ..... MAN IT'S COLD OUT HERE!!!
Tory runs to the truck that's been sitting running with the heater on.    She is FREEZING!!    (**Did I mention Tory is from Arizona?   just visiting Dani for a couple weeks in Iowa?   Yeah .... she thinks 40 degrees is freezing.  She said she didn't know places could get this cold!!!!   :o)   She's so funny ....
Poor Tory --- I think she frostbit her fingers and toes off!!!   --But you had fun didn't you??  Come on ..... smile ..... we know you had fun ...... even though it was miserable weather.    There!!   See we knew it!!  Tory is a trooper!!!  We might turn her into a psycho horse person yet ....  
Hey Dani!!    ...... oops, Russ is yelling at me to get over there and help him get the horses untacked and loaded up.    I've got hot chili waiting at home with fresh gingerbread cookies made for dessert.    Gotta put the camera down and get everybody loaded up in the nice, warm trailer.    What a fun night.  :o)

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