2009 Iowa Horse Fair

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Every year the IaAHA is present at the Iowa Horse Fair in Des Moines, Iowa.     We share responsibility to promote the versatility and beauty of the Arabian and Half Arabian breeds with the Arabian Horse Society of Iowa.     Each year the two groups get together and plan the Arabian presentation in the pavillion and make sure there is an incredible Arabian representative in the Avenue of Breeds in the Horse Barn.    The two clubs also host booths inside the trade show and give out information about the Arabian and Half Arabian breeds and all the events sponsored by both clubs.  

2009 Pictures

 Special THANKS to 2009 horses and riders in the Arabian Breed Presentation held at 4:45pm on Saturday afternoon. From Left - Dana Jordan riding Purebred,  Mon Bey Paco ; Stephanie Wetherall riding Purebred, Reydiashahn Bey; Donna Burch riding Half Arabian, Mardis Gras ;  and Danielle Reynolds riding Half Arabian, Pure Khountry.

On Saturday at noon, Dana rode "Frank" in as the Arabian Breed Horse in the Parade of Breeds.   This is the first year in 13 years that I didn't get pictures of the rider in the Parade of Breeds.   In the rush and excitement to get Dana and Frank up to the arena on time, Russ and I had forgotten our tickets at the stalls.   This is the first year they had posted a security guard at the gate and if you didn't have a ticket, he wouldn't let anyone step foot in the pavillion.   We've never had to have tickets before just to walk in the gate area and take pics ....SO ... I was incredibly disappointed and only got pics of Dana and Frank outside and a couple of her coming out of the gate.   Dana said she thought there was a pretty good sized crowd watching. 
As usual, people lined up to take pics of Dana and Frank in costume as she walked back to the stalls (you can see the lady at the left of the picture snapping a quick picture.    Everyone pulls out their cameras when the costume horses are out.
...while Dana did the Parade of Breeds, Stephy decided she'd better get Reymond out and do a quick test ride since he hasn't been ridden since last September.....YIKES!!    No worries ..... he behaved like a gentleman and quickly popped right into gear.  Stephy even took him out by the mounted shooters and he never missed a beat.
After Dana was done riding, the girls went to the Trade Show and did a little shopping until it was time to get ready for the Arabian Breed Demonstration.
Everybody started getting ready around 4pm.   When the sparkly costumes start coming out, the crowds start to gather to watch...
There seemed to be a lot more people in the barn this year.  We had quite a few families with young kids standing around watching the girls put their outfits on.
....believe it or not .... all the girls went out and got pedicures so their toes would match their Native Costumes.  Geesh Girls!!  A little excessive dontcha think?   Ok .... it was cute ....
Everybody is almost ready ......
The office calls for the Arabians to start making their way to the ring!!   The Donkeys are just now going in.  We're up after them!!  Ok girls -- Mount up!!
Everybody heads up to the ring to do their thing -- let's Rock N Roll, Ladies!!  (Notice all the heads turning as they walk by.)   These guys get quite a bit of attention when they're all decked out.   The kids really love them!!)
Dani and Khountry are both ready to go!!
  You'd never guess Reymond just got pulled out of the pasture the day before and hasn't been ridden in several months, huh??!!  :o)
Reymond and Stephy and Donna and Phantom patiently wait for their cue to go in....
Here they go!  Clear the gate!!
The girls made a great entrance.  They had 'technical difficulties' with their sound system so the music that we mixed for this ride isn't working.   Apparently several demos had to go without music.    That's ok .... the girls came up with a quick pattern for the audience to make up for the lack of music ....
Dani and Khountry and Reymond and Stephy are looking good!  ..........  Dana leads the group pattern -
If you look close you can see Dani kissing and clucking to ol Khountry ... he doesn't want to go!!!      Frank and Reymond are having fun showing off for the crowd.  They're not tired!!
The girls kick it up to high gear -- HAND GALLOP!!
Donna and Phantom fly around the ring!        Khountry and Frank turn to the center ....
The girls line up and stand for a few seconds so the audience can see their costumes.  The announcer continues to read the script about the origins of Arabian Horses ...
Then the girls take off again!    Flying around the ring while the crowd claps!!
Come on Khountry -- you can do it!! Keep going!!!!
Dana slows it down a little bit and the girls walk for a while
Everybody follows Dana's lead and line up head to tail for a few seconds to change things up for the audience....
...and then they're off again!!
around and around .....
 The demo only lasts 10 minutes, but if you've ever been in the ring .....10 minutes is a LIFETIME!    Especially for poor, fat, Khountry who is going to have a heart attack if he has to canter any longer!!!
too many pics of Reymond .... I can't help it .... he is so photogenic!  He always has his ears up!!
The announcer finally finishes and the girls line up one last time and go out one by one as their name is called.   Another great presentation of the Arabian Breed.
Everybody go line up against the barn for pictures!!  You know the drill!!!
It's not easy getting 8 ears facing forward and 4 girls to all smile at the same time!!
Ok you guys quit goofing around -- Phantom .... put your tongue back in your mouth.... Reymond, get back in line .....
WOW!  Afer clicking 23 pics .... FINALLY we get one with all the ears up!!  I think Russ ended up throwing his coat at them ....
No particular reason for this picture .... I just thought it was really cool ....
The kids follow the girls back to the barn to watch them untack.    Here are three future Arabian Breed riders.  They're going to take Dana's place and carry on the tradition when she gets too old to ride anymore.  :o)
Here's a shot of the Avenue of the breeds. This year the Horse Fair had a record number of breeds come out for the Fair.    They had 33 different breeds for people to look at this year.    JJ Angel Eyes was the horse in the Arabian stall this year.   She was a big hit with the spectators.     Angel LOVES attention and couldn't get enough of having her nose petted through the stall bars.   Some of the other horses stood to the backs of their stalls .... not Angel!    She was right up front greeting all the people as they walked by. 
The barn seemed to have a little more activity this year than the last couple years.   We thought there were more people coming through.   It was great!
The Morgans were set up behind the Avenue of Breeds.    They went all out on their decorations.
Some of the kids hand-made decorations for their horse's stalls.    A  Peruvian Paso gets tacked up for their breed demonstration.
There wasn't a whole lot of decorations in the barn this year but a few people set some things up...
The Parade of Breeds at Noon on Saturday brought out lots of different types of horses .....
They could go in the pavillion in-hand, under saddle, or be driven in ......
Ryan (our show farrier) was set up and was working on horses and doing farrier demos throughout the weekend
More riders wait their turns to go in the Parade of Breeds .....
The little mini donkeys always are a favorite with the kids!!  Lots of Queens turn out for the Horse Fair.    They even had a Standardbred pulling a sulky!
Mules, Donkeys, Draft Horses ..... All kinds of horses everywhere!!
A sharp looking team of mules ..... this pony is loved by his owner :o) .... the Palomino Quarter Horse waits his turn ....
They had a couple of wagons running back and forth from the Trade Show to the Pavillion to the barns so people wouldn't have to walk so far.  Here's a wagon full going to the barn!
A pretty little surry being pulled by a matching pony team.     These girls were out riding around loosening up their horses before they had to perform.
Another wagon carrying spectators around the fairgrounds.     Here we see the first wagon unloading his passengers at the barn.
Lots of people going back and forth from the trade show to the Pavillion all day Saturday ...... Doctor For a Day was set up outside the trade show building.
Another shot of the Doctor For a Day pens ... a model horse is set up at the entrance to the trade show ... people flow into the vendor area all day ...
The Arabian Horse Society and the Iowa Arabian Horse Association booths are together right inside the door.   Jenny B and Carolyn H did a super job decorating the booths and displaying pics of Iowa Arabians in many different disciplines.
Volunteers from both clubs took turns sitting in the booths and telling people about Arabian Horses and what the two clubs have to offer it's members.    There are a LOT of Arabian activities in the state of Iowa!!
Here's a shot of the Iowa Horse Industry Council Booth.   They are the group that hosts the Iowa Horse Fair each year.
There were more vendors this year than last year.  Lots of people came in to look at trailers, and tack, and all kinds of equine related items on display and for sale.
There were always clinics going in the round pen in the back of the trade show ..... lots of different vendors this year to see.
 Lots of people shopping for new saddles!! ... Here we got a shot of our official GOLD STAR EMBROIDERER!!   Heidi from Whispering Pines had a booth at the Horse Fair.   Looks like she's got quite a crowd gathered!!
They even had a singing cowboy show going on during all the shopping.   We stopped to watch and take pics.   This guy was really good!!
Pics from the trip down on Sunday.    Major blizzard hit Northwest and North central Iowa.  Took us FOUR HOURS to get to Des Moines.   Normally takes us 1 1/2 hours max. At one point traffic was one lane and down to 5mph.   A semi had jack-knifed in the middle of the road in the northbound lanes and cars were backed up for miles.   I tried to take a picture of how bad it was.
OK .... this is a shot of what it was like at the fairgrounds once we finally got there.   Des Moines caught the edge of it.  Lots of snow.   Many people cleared out early and attendance wasn't quite as strong on Sunday as it was on Saturday.    Needless to say, I didn't take many pictures.
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Visitors are welcome anytime!

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