2009 Christmas Pics

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On Thursday night, Dec 3rd 2009 we all decided to participate in the 2nd annual Lighted Christmas Parade in Hampton.    Call us crazy .... it was 20 degrees (4 degrees with wind chill) ..... snowing ..... but Dani and Tory were ready for an adventure!!  Click here to read the story and see more pics!
On Christmas Day Kelly and Dani dressed up like elves and got ready for everyone to come for a big breakfast!!
Kelly and Dani made two breakfast casseroles and a big eggnog french toast bake with Cranberry/rasberry sauce.   Plus we had bacon, sausage, cookies, cheese and crackers, candy, fruit, all kinds of gourmet english muffins, and Kelly got a new chocolate fountain at Russ's company party so we fired that up and had that running all morning as well.
Oh .... and we had pies and nuts, and other stuff I can't remember ....Here's a shot of the cupboards all wrapped up like presents.  :o)
Everybody sits down to eat Christmas breakfast.
Russ got up to take some pics and Happy jumped up to try to eat his breakfast.  NO HAPPY!!  Kelly and Dani grab him just in time..... here's another shot of the kitchen on Christmas morning .... Kelly has green elf eyelashes on!!
Another shot of everybody eating ...... Kelly poses with Happy ..... Dani and Russ's mom
The kitchen ....yes, those are computer chairs around the kitchen table.   -- because the naughty little dogs chewed the wooden kitchen chairs to bits that went with the table.    ...so we had to find chairs with METAL bases.   Computer chairs are comfy .... and were on sale at Walmart so I have computer chairs for kitchen chairs.    Don't judge me.   It works.
The kitchen got an upgrade this year ..... notice the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling??    It snowing in the house!!!   Oh my!!!  How pretty .....
The kitchen from another angle ---- more snowflakes hanging on this side, too!
Another shot of the kitchen with the snowflakes hanging from the ceiling ....
Close up shot of the snowflakes.   (**I learned that you should NOT hang snowflakes on the ceiling with scotch tape.....scotch tape will hold for about 12 hours .... not good....then it really does snow in the kitchen ..... and it hurts when they fall on your head. 
Another shot of the kitchen ....... a group of santas and snowmen just hanging out ...
Let it Snow!! .....here's a shot of that new chocolate fountain ....
All the singing toys in the window around the Frederick Remington statue
A shot of the east wall in the kitchen .... anybody notice anything new???
A NEW KITCHEN DOOR!!! AFTER 20 YEARS!!!    ...so now we have bets on how long before the dogs trash this one.
Another shot of the Christmas kitchen (this was BEFORE the snowflakes were added ...... I really like this shot so I left it here ...)
It's just so happy in the kitchen this time of year.  I wish I could leave this stuff up all year!
This year I stuck all our Christmas cards around the archway.   I started to run out of room!!   All the cards are just balance on the greenery.  They stayed there really well!!
Little carolers that I made out of wood from our old fence ..... fridge looks like a big package (saw that on Martha Stewart!! :o) .... fruit stand needed some lights and tinsel, too.
Another shot of the Christmas kitchen cupboards ..... a group of caroling penquins decorate the wall above the stove.
Bakers rack gets spruced up for the holiday
There's enough Christmas lights in the house that we don't need to turn on regular lights to see!!
Another shot of the living room...
Shot of the curio cabinet and close up of the cowboy and Indian who are getting into the holiday spirit, too!
...another shot of the front room and revolving Christmas tree from the shopping network.
Updated picture ..... notice the new greenery on top of each window?  and there is garland around the black horses in the entertainment center now ... I put a few snowflakes around the tree to spice it up a bit ..... threw matching dog pillows in the front room .....and got a new tree skirt for under the tree. It only took 2 days for the puppies to chew off the little snowballs and put holes in it.   We can't have anything nice in this stupid house.  Stupid puppies.
Another shot of the snowflakes hanging around the tree now .... I sure like those.  :o)     Here are the two culprits who chewed the tree skirt ..... Wenzday and Kiki.
 Close up of tree flakes ....
Shot of Christmas Fireplace with new jewelled lighted deer from Fleet Farm! Oh, and I wrapped the horse with white garland and put new lights on him, cut out a black eye out of black cardboard, gave him gold mane and tail with gold garland.   Then I stuck an Egyptian halter on him and topped it with a bow.   Isn't he a lot prettier now?  :o)
HAHAHA!!  Corky seems to like laying under the tree so we stuck a doggy bed under there for her.  What a kooky dog.....
Merry Christmas Corky!!   Apollo likes the new heater / fireplace we got in the mail.    Stripey Girl lays by the door and falls asleep ...
Baby Girl just looks like she's a troublemaker, doesn't she?!   Buffy tries to sleep (see Corky in the background under the tree on her back?  What a silly dog)    Cally Buddy and Maggie hang out on the couch ....
Corky is sound asleep on her back under the tree -. sssshhhhhhh ...... Now Happy takes his turn laying in front of the heater while Stripey Girl and Wenzday lay over by the side.
Oops ... now Jack Black gets to lay in front of the heater ...WOW!  Jackie is getting FAT!!
Apollo gets a new orthopedic dog mat for Christmas to lay on to help his arthritis.    He really likes his new bed!!    HAHA!! Little Stripey Girl likes Apollo's big bed, too!!
Maggie likes the new Christmas pillows that Russ bought.     Corky is sound asleep on the couch on her back again -- silly dog!!
2009 Christmas Santas
more Christmasy stuff around the house.....
The little hallway to the bathroom.  This year I added lights to the garland.
Everybody beached out on the couch.  I think all these dogs do is sleep during the holidays!!!
A shot of the Christmas Bathroom this year ...
More pics of the bathroom ---
Russ says MERRY CHRISTMAS to El Gato, the dancing horse with a brand new Corcel winter blanket.   It fits him so nicely!!
We went out and put the lights up in late November right after Thanksgiving when it was still in the 40's.   We put up a bunch of lights and a few blow ups.    I don't know .... I don't think the house is quite tacky enough yet ..... we need more lights!!
Buddy stands on porch under all the lights ......
...here's another shot of the house -
So pretty ....
The Santa Band plays all day and night ..... we can hear the music in the house even!    Santa and the snowmen teeter totter out front.
Updated Picture --- the Santa Band has braved ice storms and a couple blizzards.    It's still playing but they're not looking too perky anymore.    Santa Teeter Totter didn't make it through the first blizzard.    Pop up penquin popped during second ice storm ..... igloo is still going strong, but the poor penguin melted.
Snow and Ice is everywhere --- big blizzard hits on Christmas Day...
Gato watches Russ try to get into the barn to do chores on Christmas morning.     Rudy, Elly, and Festus all wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
The gang's all here gathered around the round bale ...
This pasture houses Shahnel, Huck, Diamond, the donkeys, Julie, and Barbie.  Crazy Horse and Tina are out here somewhere, too.     Tell and Dancer and the llamas are in the other pasture.   Shahn, Gato, Angel, and the filly are all in the barn.


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