2008 Iowa Horse Fair

2008 Iowa Horse Fair Pictures

Pictured above are our riders for 2008:  (From Left:  Danielle Reynolds riding Pure Khountry, Dana Jordan riding Mon Bey Paco (Frank); and Erin Runde riding Hallelujah Huck.)

Every year the IaAHA is present at the Iowa Horse Fair in Des Moines, Iowa.     We share responsibility to promote the versatility and beauty of the Arabian and Half Arabian breeds with the Arabian Horse Society of Iowa.     Each year the two groups get together and plan the Arabian presentation in the pavillion and make sure there is an incredible Arabian representative in the Breed Demonstration isle.    The two clubs also host booths inside the trade show and give out information about the Arabian and Half Arabian breeds and all the events sponsored by both clubs.  

Huck and Khountry arrive at the Iowa Horse Fair ready to show everyone how pretty Arabian horses can be!! Crystal and Dani are leading the two boys.

The Arabian aisle was all decorated with blue curtains and big posters of the beautiful Arabian stallion - Psyncopation.

Dani, Crystal, and Russ try to make Khountry pretty for the presentation. -- and that wasn't easy because he was a muddy mess!!

Dana puts her pants on in the aisle -- GO DANA!!....................All the girls smile pretty for the camera!!


Erin works on getting Huck ready ...

Dana smiles pretty for the camera ..............Dani and Erin have transformed into beautiful Arabian princesses!

Russ helps everybody with last minute saddle tightening --


Our gorgeous Arabian riders --

Dana looking good on Frank!

Dani and Khountry and Erin and Huck riding up and down the road waiting for their turn.


It's almost time!

Huck and Erin strut their stuff!
....and the presentation begins! ........  Look at Dana and Frank GO!!!
Dana, Erin, and Dani show the audience how beautiful Arabian horses are!  This year the girls ride to the song "Desert Rain" by Sting.
Dani and Khountry look awesome!!
Erin and Huck so pretty in turquoise...

Magnificent Presentation!!

Lots of people watch from the stands ---

After it's all over the girls take the boys back to the barn for a rest.

The Pavillion was a very busy place on Saturday and Sunday at the Iowa Horse Fair!

All different kinds of horses and clubs are in the barns today -- Burmese Mountain Horse ... Iowa Donkey and Mule Society...

These decorations were so cute .... the banner says "Everyday is like Christmas when I get to ride my Horse" and they had Christmas lights, tinsel, and garland everywhere and all the stalls were wrapped like presents.

The Foxtrotters hand spray painted their stall decorations and won third place in the stall decorating contest this year!

The Morgans and the POA club decorated with a Red, White, and Blue theme .... that was a very popular color scheme this year on all the stalls!

The POAs win first place in the stall decorating contest again this year!

Mules and Donkeys EVERYWHERE!!

I think this should be called the Mule and Donkey Fair instead of the Horse Fair!!

 Time for the Parade of Breeds at noon --- Dana and Frank tack back up and come out to represent the Arabian breed.

The Appaloosa goes right before the Arabian....

Dana comes in full throttle ..... what a magnificent sight!

Can you spot the bare feet?    Dana goes all out for this presentation!!

The audience is amazed at how fast Dana can maneuver Frank (Mon Bey Paco) around the ring.   They all yell for more!!

The Arab is finished and Tom walks back to the barn with Dana...

More horses for the Parade of Breeds ...a Paint Horse .... A Quarter Horse ... a Saddlebred ...

A miniature horse ... a Tennesee Walker ....a Fox Trotter ...


A Standardbred in a sulky
The drill team is ready to go!
A HUGE Percheron hitch approaches the pavillion for their presentation.
Side view of Percheron team ---
This Standardbred has BLUE HOOVES!!!  
.....and here are more mules ...
The bandits are moving in ----
This mule team takes people back and forth from the Varied Industries Building to the Pavillion.

The Arabian Trade Show Booth in the Varied Industries Building

Saturday's team working the Society and Association booths --- Hey!  Do I see a couple GOLD STAR PIRATES in the group?!?!

The Arabian booth was a busy place on Sunday as well ....

Lots of Vendors at the Iowa Horse Fair .....

People shopping at Iowa Horse Fair

The "Round Pen" was inside the Varied Industries Building where several seminars were held.

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Visitors are welcome anytime!

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