2007 Mason City Show

Lauren and Dani kick some butt at the Mason City Fun Show -- (Dani riding Khountry and Lauren riding Khrissy) Here's Lauren pictured with some of her ribbons!

Dani Riding Khountry in Costume --- yep, he's a western horse .... but he still got 3rd out of 5 entries!
Jenny in her first Walk Trot Class -- It was a BIG Class -- 19 entries.   She's the 4th horse in.   She had only ridden Khountry 4 times before the show. 
Jenny in her first canter class on Khountry ....  she had cantered ONCE on him the night before the show in the practice arena.   We were NOT going to have her enter a canter class but the girls thought she could do it so she entered Maiden Rider ..... and won.      We left the snaffle bit and martingale on him because that's how she took lessons on him and she felt more comfortable that way.    GO JENNY!!
Jenny in Line up ...
Khountry and Little Joe in his first Lead Line Class -- Little Joe is Three Years Old
Dani on Khountry and Dawn on R Last Star in the pairs class.  Dani and Dawn got 2nd place out of four pairs of riders.  
HUGE Line up at the 2007 Mason City Show -- Jenny and Khountry are actually in this line up --- can you see them?
Krissy (2nd to the end...)
Russ lines everybody up.  What a great ring man!!  (White horse in front of Russ is named Cort -- used to be owned by KnR Arabians)
Lauren lines up Krissy while Dad looks on in the back Lauren having fun in costume!
John and Little Joe work up the arena with the drag during the lunch break!!
Jenny and John on the rail while Lauren sits outside waiting Lauren and Dani in the same costume class!
Lauren and Krissy round the barrel! Mary riding Monty (a 2003 Bey Shahn son)
Aza Shah used to be owned by KnR Arabians but now lives with Donna and is REALLY FAST!
Exquisite Barexi used to be owned by KnR Arabians but is now looking good with Donna and Dana on board!

FYI ... Kelly and Russ run the Mason City Fun show and manage it while the girls show.  Kelly is the announcer and runs the office and entries ..... Russ is the ringman and gate.    The girls ride and kick butt ...

Visitors are welcome anytime!

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