2007 Iowa Horse Fair

Every year the IaAHA is present at the Iowa Horse Fair in Des Moines, Iowa.     We share responsibility to promote the versatility and beauty of the Arabian and Half Arabian breeds with the Arabian Horse Society of Iowa.     Each year the two groups get together and plan the Arabian presentation in the pavillion and make sure there is an incredible Arabian representative in the Breed Demonstration isle.    The two clubs also host booths inside the trade show and give out information about the Arabian and Half Arabian breeds and all the events sponsored by both clubs.  

2007 Iowa Horse Fair Pictures

On April 1st, 2007 we had SEVEN riders perform in the Pavillion at the Iowa Horse Fair on Sunday.  From Left:  Dana Jordan riding IWF Mardis Gras; Ann Quayle riding Hantez; Donna Burch riding Halleluja Huck; Stephanie Busby riding Commanders Mandolion; Vicki George riding Khalista; Cierra Hildebrand riding On Commande; and Erin Partlow riding SF La Traviesa.

Huck lets the little girls sit on him and pet him while they visit Horse Fair!

Azzy and Khalista entertain visitors also ..... what crazy, wild Arabians we have!!

The Arabians decorate the barn in red and blue!

Stephy and little Kaden visit Horse Fair

Donna LOVES Russ!!


Erin rides On Commande in the Parade of Breeds on Saturday ...

The Arabian Booths in the trade show area look great!!

More horses at Horse Fair -- Look at those little donkeys!!


All kinds of horses at the Iowa Horse Fair

Cierra waits for the "Arabians" turn on Sunday in the Parade of Breeds...


More horses at Horse Fair -- hey, is that a Zebra/Donkey??

More different kinds of horses ... a roper, a mule, and the mounted police!


Cierra and Commande do an excellent job promoting the Arabian horse in the parade of breeds on Sunday ...

Time to get ready for the Arabians Breed Presentation on Sunday!


Tom adjusts Khalista's bridle Ann having fun with Hantez Hey Dani!   Uh Oh--What did I just step in?!
Ann fixes Hantez's bridle Cierra the princess! Mom gets Cierra's horse ready...

Vicki combs out Khalista's tail before the big presentation!

Travi patiently waits by her stall...

Oh my Gosh!! Look at the little puppy!! Katy shows Mandy the little puppy Dana and her sexy genie eyes...
Lee leads Cierra out of the stall... Ann and Hantez in the ring Look at Stephanie and Mandy Go!
Some of the girls reversing in the ring ... what pretty horses and costumes!!
Donna and Huck round the corner -- Vicki and Khalista - what a sharp pair! Erin and Travi digging in --
Go -- Dana -- GO!! Dana and her infamous bare feet! Holy Cow -- Look at that TAIL!
Cierra and Vicki show off for the crowd -- OH NO -- Donna's rein breaks and Huck takes off! Hang on Donna!!
Mother and Daughter line up in the middle ... Stephanie's costume is SO PRETTY!
Stephanie exits the ring... Erin exits the ring...
Russ helps Ann dismount after the presentation Dana and Phantom (see the bare feet?!  :o)

Cierra and On Commande

Erin and SF La Traviesa

Donna and Halleluja Huck

Vicki and Khalista

Dana and IWF Mardis Gras

Stephanie and Commanders Mandolion

Ann and Hantez

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Visitors are welcome anytime!

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